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Thread: Dogs in Utes

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    Default Dogs in Utes

    just wanted peoples opinions on dogs travelling on the back of utes.

    harley and lily often go in the OH's ute (chained of course) and love it, seeing them with their mouths flapping in the wind is priceless

    we only really take them around this area, i.e. vet, beach, park

    i am going to visit my nan and pop about 2 hours away and would love for them to come but i have never seen a dog on a ute on a highway. i know they would like it but not sure of the law about this or if its ok or not. given the distance.

    (the ute has back seats so if something went wrong they could get in but its new so the OH doesnt want that.)

    alternatively they could go in the back of my getz but gets a bit cramped. lol if you can imagine
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    I've seen some utes rigged with nice crates on the back so the dog can't fall off, and can't be teased by people walking past, and is sheltered from the sun and rain etc.

    A dog that can hang its head over the side of the ute is at risk from being hit by rocks, bugs (they hurt at 40km/h), and other things. And theoretically if the ute swerves or is hit by something else, the dog can end up with its body over the side of the ute, dangling by its neck. So not ideal.

    I think you might want to look up a "car hammock" for that new back seat. Or consider getting a ute crate or canopy.

    K9+ Soft Dog Crates : Australia

    You'd probably still want to harness the dog in (especially if you live in NSW), but those are easy to get, there are ones that clip into the seatbelt slot or attach to the same secure points that baby seats do.

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    We are going to get a canopy for them but they arnt cheap.

    We tried a hammock in my car. It ended up ripped after a couple of trips when they were puppies plus all the drool that comes out when they are in the car is crazy still got stains on doors seats and roof.

    What I think we will do is fold up seats in the Getz and take them in that.

    Were in Vic here bt we use harness while in the car. Doesn't work so well in the ute it gives them too much length

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    We have a crate with a canvas top that fits on our ute and a ramp for them to get in and out. Ours is made by hubby, because he is very good at welding and sewing horse rugs.
    But our dogs prefer the Jeep and or their trailer. We only use the ute when we bring the horse trailer along, so we can fit all the saddles/horse gear and dogs. So much stuff, when everyone comes along.
    We fold our seats in the back of the Jeep, they are hardly ever up. And they are harnessed in on the safety points that the Jeep has in the back and some lugs hubby put in in the back of the ute. The lugs are in the middle. We use them even though they are crated. Flying newfs can do to much damage to themselves.
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    My ute has a canopy on the back, so the dog are fine that way.
    I don't mind dogs chained up as long as the lead is only long enough for them to stand, sit and lay down. I hate watching the dog excitedly running side to side looking over the tray.
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    I have taken Keira on a ute but only short trips and not more than 60 - 70 kms per our. We always had her chained with a very short chain so she could look off the sides but couldn't get her legs over.

    I now have a pathfinder 4wd which is awesome, loads of room for two dogs and they are inside the car

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    I have seen a stafford snap his neck on the back of a ute, he was on a short chain and still tried to jump off... it was so sad.... Mr B who went missing recently was actually in a caged truck and he managed to climb out... I'm not a big fan of dogs in utes, but if you need to use them I'd prefer a crate situation...

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    I have wondered KS how on earth a dog climbed out of a roof on it?
    Our farm dogs are always on a short chain on the back of the ute going from farm to farm but never for more than an hour (if going to vet for vacs)

    Ours go in the car but I certainly would be looking into a canopy in your situation or a crate. Just my opinion.

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    Well clearly there was no roof... do you seriously think the dog will be ever traveling in the back of the truck again after being missing for 14 days he's lucky to be alive...

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    I hate seeing dogs in the back of utes, I don't care if they are chained or crated it's still ruddy dangerous and irresponsible.
    Snapped necks, crates coming off supports and rolling off, strangulation... why would you risk it?

    The ONLY time I consider it ok is if the ute has a canopy, but then it might as well be a station wagon.

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