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Thread: Animal Communication Practice.

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    Default Animal Communication Practice.

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to the forum and would like to meet people interested in helping with my animal communication skills.
    It would work like this ; You send a photo of your dog (or other animal) with age, sex and gender and some questions you would like answered.
    I will send you information to verify my contact with your animal, eg. favorite food, games, etc. Once contact has been verified I will send answers to your questions.
    Be aware that I am new at this and need lots of practice.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Hi Im interested so here goes! This is one of two.
    Name: Keira
    Age: 3 yrs 6 mths
    Sex: Female
    Verified question: What is your most favourite treat?
    Questions to ask: how much pain are you in from your HD? Do you feel better since seeing Rowan the special vet? Why do you react the way you do to other dogs when out and about? What can I do to fix it? Are you happy? Do you like/love Phoenix? Why don't Gidget and you get on? Why do you chase the cats? What can I do to improve your life?

    Please tell her that I love her more than life itself she is my heart dog and that we will move soon and she can come be inside with us again.

    Photo of Keira

    Name: Phoenix
    Age: 8 months
    Sex: Female
    Verified question: what does mummy give you each morning before leaving for work?
    Questions: are you happy here? What do you think of Keira? How do you feel about Keira? Will you be ok when we move and its just you and Keira all day? Why do you hang out under my bed? Do you like training? Do you like play group? What is your fav food? What can I do to improve your life?

    Tell Miss Phoenix I love her so so much and that I am so glad she has come into my life she has opened my eyes to the injustices I never noticed before and that I want to make her life the best it possible can be!

    Photo of Phi
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    Wow, two of you now. It seems it is the latest trend perhaps?
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    Maybe I'm missing something, but how does this work? xD

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    Name: Cerridwen
    Age: 15
    Sex: Female
    Verified question:does she like cats
    Questions to ask: how is she? how does she feel about her life with us?
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Name : Mack
    Age : 1
    Sex : Male
    Verified Question : What do you do when i rub your belly?
    Questions : Are you happy? Do you like Flea? What can I do to make walking on a lead possible for me with your pulling?

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    age: 15 years

    verified question: where do you sleep at night?

    other questions:
    do you enjoy having harley and lily around?
    with your collapsed trachea, does it cause you much pain when you cough?(is current treatment enough)
    what is you favourite food?
    how much can you hear / see ? and are you happyAttachment 2911

    (if you get through to tessa tell her to either stop farting or leave the room first please)


    age: 16 months

    verified question: what do we call your ball

    other questions:
    why do you chew so much of everything?
    are you happy at home?
    Attachment 2913



    verified question: what do we do after i finish work each day?

    other questions:
    how did the chillies taste ?
    what makes you afraid of different things? (know i would never and have never hurt you and would never let anyone else try)
    why do you chew everything?
    do you enjoy coming to work with me would you like to do it more

    can you ask harley and lily why they chew everything and let them know if they stop they will get alot more freedom

    geez its hard to think of things to ask lol, i talk to them all day every day.
    Attachment 2914

    if it works that way tell all of them i love them, tell tessa that she will always be my girl and tell the other two that if they stop chewing everything they can have full access to the house and yard.

    thank you and hope it works

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    Hmmm, perhaps this member should have started with the others that were waiting previously?
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    Yea, my thoughts as well.
    The other thread stopped on page 3

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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