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Thread: Animal Communication Practice.

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    Thanks again to all who responded. Have had a few personal dramas since first post, including death of my horse last week and problems with my internet browser this week. Hoping for some plain sailing now.

    I have had several requests for people to tell their dogs they love them. If you love an animal they know - their heart to heart contact is with you. Just be in a quiet place .with them, get their attention and tell them of your feelings. It can be mentally or out loud, they will hear.

    Remember it is only humans who have lost/forgotten their telepathic abilities - animals still have them. It is also helpful to tell them about what will happen and why with regard to trips to the vet, training, owner absence, etc.

    Animal communication is about hearing their side of the story, but also accepting that they can hear us.
    Much love to all, Snapdragon.

    PS to the suspicious. I have no interest in gathering information or money - my only aim is to practice my communication with a vue to improving understanding between animals and people and making life happier for both.

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    Thanks so much for letting us know. Sorry life's been hectic for you.
    Looking forward to hearing your findings.

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    To all who sent me their dog info for practice. I have now sent out all replies. The comments in brackets are from me not the dogs. Sorry the replies probably seem a bit short but I had a lot to get through. This is a long term project for me so if there are any more people who would like to help that would be great. I have found I dont hear words too well yet (names etc) but can feel physical sensations , get impressions etc. Practice is needed.

    Would love to have feedback from the replies - how did I go and was the information helpful?

    Much love to all, Snapdragon.

    PS. If anyone has been missed please let me know.

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