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Thread: New Bed and He Doesn't Like It-why?

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    Default New Bed and He Doesn't Like It-why?

    We have two 15 month old Staffy's. We bought them both their own futon cushions 2 days ago. Prior to this, they have slept on old quilt (doona) covers and furry throws in their crates. We just thought that the futons would be softer and more comfortable to lie on (and also look more respectable because they sleep in our kitchen).

    Ruby has taken to it straight away. She loves it but Frodo is doing strange things. The first morning, I found he had wet the futon and was lying pressed into a dry corner. Then last night, he went to the loo before going to bed (as always) but as soon as he was on the futon, he wet it again. He hasn't had an accident indoors for almost a year. I think these are deliberate acts or is he nervous because we have changed something. He is a very sensitive dog. His sister (the boss) is much more secure in herself.

    Any advice? Should we leave it perhaps in the lounge so he can get used to it? Or is this a protest and futons are not for him? Has anyone here experienced this before?

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    One of my dogs hated the raised bed I got. Seemed afraid of it.
    As she is very food driven I put some treats in their milk crate toy box that was on its side against the wall, put the bed in front of it so she HAD to get on it to get the treats.
    Worked very well.

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    I guess it is the same as some people take their own pillow wherever they go ... they just have a preference for something.

    My dogs will sleep on anything anywhere and if I put down freshly laundered bedding they all want to try it out. Only Mufti has his bed and if someone else is in it and he wants it, he will just stand there barking until I come to investigate and remove the offender - LOL - because they don't take any notice of him.

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    my dog objected to the brand new freshly washed blanky that I got from my fav supermarket for $6. So I put it on the end of the couch I usually sit and I sat on it. She's got no problems with it now.

    Given your boy was peeing on his futon - makes me wonder if some other dog had peed on it before it was sent to you. You need to get the pee smell out of it - a wash with bicarb soda and vinegar in the rinse water might help and then if you can scent it ie sit on it when you're all sweaty - or try giving treats for sitting on it... Or put the old bed on top.

    I'm a bit reluctant to get my dog a fancy bed because she likes ripping up things like that.

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    Is it possible that this new bed smells a bit manky to your doglet?

    Why not wash the new one, line dry it for as long as it takes (through the rain and all), then wrap the old bed (if possible, or at least its cover) around the new one, and let him sleep on that for a couple of weeks, then remove the old cover, and it should smell sufficiently of "him" for him not to reject or pee on it...

    Alternatively, if you have a big dryer, wash the new bed, then stick in the dryer with the old cover (or bits etc) until the new bedding is dry, and will then hopefully be suffciently stinky for the non-rejection sleeping pattern.

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    LOl what a pain.

    My dogs just sleep wherever they are told. They arent fussy about bedding, new or otherwise.

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    I also agree with what others have said, try putting the old bed on top. Put one of your old t shirts ot socks under the new bed so the dog can smell you. I always send something of mine or some old toy that has their smell on it if they have to visit my sisters overnight. (granted only twice, but it did help them settle more) If it is a real poofy sort of futon try unzipping the zip just a tiny bit to help expel the air while the dog gets it to how it likes it, then doing the zip back up.
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