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    There have probably been threads about this already but who here does agility with their dog? does your dog enjoy it? post some photos of your dog in agility if you want
    i am going to start agility soon with Koda! cant wait!

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    Frosty and I do agility. She really likes the obstacles where she can get up high.

    If you're just starting out, there are a pile of "foundation" exercises you can do before you even see a jump.

    And I highly recommend
    Susan Garrett's Crate Games DVD, and her success with one jump and her 2x2 weavers - ie once your dog is fully grown you can teach weavers in one or two five minute sessions over a couple of weeks, instead of taking months.

    And before you start on the success with one jump, Greg Derrett's Agility Foundation Handling and Great dog Shame about the Handler. So you get the basics in place like a solid start line stay and take off. And how to consistently signal the dog where to go next on the course.

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    Yes I do agility. I have 4 dogs - 3 youngsters just starting to trial. I love it and cant emphasise enough the importance of foundation work. I have just spent 2 days competing in the state titles and one of my young dogs won the novice jumping state title in only his second trial. Great reward really and he and I had a ball. My girl also made the excellent agility finals.
    Here is a picture of one of my girls

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    I do agility, but not competiton.My oldest newfie loves it. It gave her confidence and she has turned into a real climber. She loves the walk and Aframe and will rock the see saw forever if you let her.
    My Border cross loves it too and is quite good. I find it great for training, and just fun
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    Johnny and I do agility occasionally but he really shines at flyball.

    Certainly has been heaps of fun and a great way to socialise Johnny with some bigger dogs. Surprisingly he isn’t the smallest at flyball – there is a toy poodle who makes him look like Godzilla.
    Great way to train and a different way to exercise. Johnny is usually tired the following day after a good training session.

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