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Thread: Microchipping is One Thing; COMPULSORY Microchipping Another

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    RFID tags are the 'microchip'. The way they work, is they are a passive component- which is why they don't need batteries- and then when they are read, the energy from the radio frequency in the reader powers the chip and lets the data get read.

    Bundy what schools are chipping kids? How is a dog having chipped similar to complusory people chipping? How does that relate to people being owned?

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    Actually it cost me $15 to chip one of my two dogs and microchipping was included in the price for my second.

    AWL & RSPCA both do reduced cost chipping at any of their events and it's very well advertised. The most I've ever seen charged for chipping is $45.

    For the way some kids behave frankly I think chipping them is a good idea. Mind you I'm not paranoid about being controlled by anyone else. The only person responsible for my actions is me. People need to take more responsibility for their actions and the laws should hold them accountable. But that has NOTHING to do with microchipping dogs.

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    Prada was chipped at 8 weeks old, cost $20.
    Brody came already chipped
    My wee man is going in for chipping next week, with vaccinations I'm expecting to pay $80.

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    I visit the pound a lot (on my cat rescue missions) I see microschips as a worthwhile thing as it prevents the pound selling an animal that belongs to someone. It also means they get rehomed (which I also see a fair bit). When Johnny was lost earlier this year, I was able to call my council and get them to change the information on his microchip to “Lost.” So if anyone did take him to a vet or the pound they would know. We found him our own way (no way he would let anyone pick him up) but I was happier knowing if a ranger found him they could return him to me. There are national networks who you can register your pets microchip with but I don’t know how they work. I say the benefits outweigh the possible side effects.

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    Thats fantastic wasabi!!
    I really hope you get your dogs back kimbastaff!!
    All our pets will always be chipped, it also makes owner more accountable for their pets actions. If a dog gets picked up after attacking doesnt that make the owner responsible?

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    Default Choice not compulosry micro-chipping

    I certainly am against compulsory micro-chipping, for a number of strong reasons. It should be 'choice'. Anyone who has concerns as I have expressed contact me so we can work together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimbastaff View Post
    does anyone know of any dogs that have actually be reunited purely because of microchipping... I don't actually know of any...
    My pup got out and he was picked up by a very kind lady who took him to the local vet. The vet scanned his chip, contacted me, and I was able to get my pup home that night. So yes, I swear by his microchip

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    Quote Originally Posted by reg watson View Post
    I certainly am against compulsory micro-chipping, for a number of strong reasons. It should be 'choice'. Anyone who has concerns as I have expressed contact me so we can work together.
    What are those reasons? That's all we're asking, by sharing your reasons with us you give us something new to think about, another perspective. Frankly it's a bit concerning to me that you won't give your reasons.

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    I live on a farm and dont have tags and collars on my dogs for safety reasons but they are all microchipped. I cant see the problem really. I personally think it is a good idea to make sure all dogs are microchipped.

    Be interesting to hear the reasons why people are so against it.

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    Funny how the person who started this thread and the people that have agreed with it are all new members!

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