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Thread: My Dog is Always Scared All of a Sudden

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    Default My Dog is Always Scared All of a Sudden

    Hi all,

    New here and the name is Paul, nice to meet you all.

    I have been pretty sad lately because my female poodle who's around 3 years old have been acting really strange lately.

    She's alwasy been a very excited, happy, jumpy dog. Last Sunday morning after she was taken for a walk had been acting very strange. She would cry when we go and pick her up for a cuddle, previously these sort of noise would mean she was hurt physically. We checked her whole body but couldn't find where she was hurt. She is still shaking her tails, being really happy around us but she's started to become really quiet and really scared.

    She would go and sit at a corner quietly just looking at us and previously she would only do that if she's been doing bad things like doing a poo within the house.

    Do any other owners have any similar experience?


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    Hmm. It's a bit strange that she would start this so suddenly. What happened on the walk? Who took her? Where did they go? Did they encounter any other dogs, or anything new? Are you sure she's not bruised or anything like that?

    Don't give in to her behaviour for one. If she is scared, NO cuddling. NO 'Oh you poor baby' talk, nothing. Ignore it, or just say in a really happy, carefree voice 'you're fine,' or something similar and leave it at that. If you start giving her negative attention when she's being scared, then she will learn that being sooky gets gets cuddles and treats.

    Another thing I did when my dog was scared (which was always) was sit on the floor with a toy and play with it. Ignore her until she was happy to play and then include her. It shows her the behaviour she needs to have to get attention.

    I'd find out what happened on that walk though. If she keeps crying when you pick her up I might even take her to the vet (depends on the cry). It's your call, but she could possibly even have a bruised rib or something. Did she fall while playing? Tumble or slip?

    I hope you figure it out soon. Good luck!

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    She sounds like she is in pain, maybe somewhere inside. A vet check could be in order.

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    I have never seen a dog as old as that just change, puppies go through fear stages but she is way too old, sounds like pain you may not be able to see what it is if it is internal or even a cracked bone ect.

    What can seem like a simple tumble can do damage sometimes, saw a small, very solidly built dog fall while running once, smashed her front leg so badly it had to be amputated, just bad luck in how she fell.

    And ditto the the advise about how to treat her that is already given,

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    Dogs do not show pain like humans do.

    Your dog sounds like it is in pain, just because feeling her over doesn't seem to show any particular painful spot doesn't mean that she hasn't hurt herself externally or internally. She may be sick, there is a lot of reasons she could be acting how she is but whatever is wrong sounds like it is causing her pain.

    Take her to a vet, it may seem silly but you know your dog best and if it is acting out of sorts something is wrong and she needs to be looked at.

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    It could even be the onset of PRA and is frightened by the fact they can't see. There's no real way to know without seeing a vet.

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