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Thread: ID for X Bred Pup? Bull Breed Owners I Need You!

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    Must be Hyena then. Too big for Dally, unless he's x with a Dane! That's me holding him (attempting stillness!) in the pics, and I'm just shy of 6 foot tall. He's only about 9-10 weeks old...

    Anything's possible. Having spent time with him I'd say maybe Bull Arab X, I know some breeds like boxers etc have deafness linked to excessive white like Dallys do. But I met a Boxer pup a couple of weeks ago and at over three months it was about half this size.

    BIG legs and feet, wonky hocks, he was all over the place. I think some good nutrition might work wonders for him. It will be interesting, I'll try and get some pics of him as he gets older!

    Thanks for all the input...

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    Could be deerhound X dally, or harlequin grate dane X something coarse haired. Or could be mix of the mixed mixes, so genes went wild and gave him a bit of everything from each breed such as spots, size, hair... Who knows, he's cute and that's all that matters.

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    Anymore pics?, I have seen Staghound X Catahoula pups that are dead ringers to that one, around the same age too. Like others I dont see any bull at all, Just wondering where you see bull breed in that pup? I dont see any bullbreed features at all in him.

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    I couldn't get a good enough pic of him. When he looked straight at you with his ears right up he looked for all the wrold like he had something bull there... Most people who met him in the flesh agreed. And he had a bit of a boofhead nature as well - a real goofball.

    The above pics just don't seem to show his size either - a BIG boy, with lots of bone for something like Dally...

    He was just so super squiggly!! Impossible to get good photos.

    Great news for him though - he has found a permannt home with a lovely lady and her older mastiff x girl. They adore him, and are learning all about how to care for a deaf dog...

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