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    Gee it gets my grumpy when I go to the park and people don't forget their manners.

    I took Johnny to the park across the road. It isn't a leash free park. Yet walking through there was a person with a staffy x just running around. The woman saw Johnny and I coming and tried to grab her dog. It kept running away from her so she started screaming at me to "pick up my dog." We went to walk the other way and her dog came rushing towards us. Followed by more screaming at me to pick up my dog. Johnny has issues with being picked up and it would be the last thing I want to do in that situation. So I took my normal stance with unwanted dog company and yelled at it to go away. I am lucky I have a loud voice. It has saved us from a few big strange dogs on the street too.

    Sure I appreciate that she tried to stop her dog but it shouldn't have been running around a busy park and telling me to pick up my dog doesn't help.

    We don't have much luck at parks. Someones dog always tests us.

    On the plus side I saw an 8 week old husky at the park. It was like a teddy bear =D

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    Yeah that is annoying, agreed. I would love to ask her why she lets her dog off leash if he has no recall? Some people are so stupid!!

    I'm not sure where you are, but there are parks near me (ish) that are all closed in, so pup can be protected from all the other silly dogs owners out there. I don't see it as keeping my dog in, but keeping the other rif raff out.

    Our neighbours have a blue heeler pup, I saw him today and he's adorable! Aw, puppies. Sigh.

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    Better to be sure than sorry and pick up your dog, but I would give the lady a talking to, she is entirely in the wrong, her dog ought not to be lose unless in leash free area particularly when she cannot control it.
    If you go there often and it keeps happening I would report her to council

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    I am not going to pick up my dog when he has very serious issues with being picked up. Not to mention making him fearful of other dogs. I always carry a dog stick in case we get unwanted company - I have never had to hit a dog, just raising the stick makes them wary enough to back off. Not to mention I have a killer angry yell. A very firm "NO GO AWAY" always works for me.

    It just irked me that her way of controlling the situation was telling me to pick up my dog. I don't go there often - it is a busy park and we only went because it is close and I was parked in at home.

    I just get sick of people at parks. There is a dog park near here that is a bit like a run. It is a huge fenced off area. I see it way too often when the dog is at one end and the owner is at another. I mean shouldn't people be paying attention to their dog?

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    should dogs at parks be trated like kids at parks? always under direct supervision? i dont have my puppy yet, but thats the way i plan to do it...

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    very frustrating isnt it.... the other day I was walking my stafford in our local park and a lady with two foxy's off lead was walking towards us... Fonz was on lead (always is) and the other two were not... one of her dogs rushed up to him barking and carrying on she had absolutely no control at all... I stopped and made Fonz sit while we waited about 10 mins for her to round up both dogs, then she says to me ... oh sorry the boy is quite nasty.... ummm have you ever heard of a lead.... you have the right attitude standing your ground is the best way... if you pick up your dog it can lead the other into a grab situation where they want to pull your dog down...

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    I think dogs should be under constant supervision. If things go bad you need to be there to stop it. That and Johnny sometimes eats poop - Need to stop that haha.

    Small dog in groups get so pushy - they seem to think they are bigger when there is two or more. That is why Johnny isn't getting a brother! I don't want to be one "that person."

    At the off leash park there was this guy with 6 grey hounds that all started chasing an old cattle dog. I would have been frightened if I was the cattle dogs owner!

    The parks near here can get pretty crazy. A lady brought her bitch on heat and wondered what the problem was. But I see way too many people with pets that aren't desexed in my area - I don't get it.

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