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    Default Park Problems.

    hi everyone.
    im new here , and have a slight problem , not with my dog but with others.
    i have a 14 month old rotty who is such a placid dog and he loves to play with other dogs. ive socialized himm from when i got him as a pup.
    the last 3 or 4 outoing s i have had at local dog parks havent gopne to well though.
    each time theer has been a much bigger dog already in the parks, not playing (more just roaming around).
    for some reason my dog and i have been greeted with a low pitched growl and and some serious eye contact, followed by an attack.
    my boy enters the parks with not a care in the world about the other dogs, hes happy to just roam and sniff , so why is it that the some dogs dont seem to like him of late????
    this morning was a bummer, he hadnt been out for a while so i took him for a run around, and it happened again. the other dogs wanted to play with him but the one big dog strasight in for the attack, even before we were inside the gate.
    any ideas or theories why this is happening????

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    i also have the problems with dogs that just seem to hate my 2.

    they are well socialised dogs who will play rough as guts with dogs their size and are gentle enough to play with my 15 year old aust silky terrier

    a couple of foxys (or similar) live at the enterance to our court and without doubt will run to the fence, yank on the chicken wire that is stopping them from going through the fence and bark agressivly at mine. i have also been walking past on the other side of the road and they are barking at us and a staffy walks by on the path at their fence line going the opposite way and they still bark at us.

    i dont know if other dogs are intimidated by them or if they give off a vibe or something.

    with these dogs going nuts at us harley and lily are so used to it (we have no option but go go past them every walk) that they hardly react (mainly just trying to look at them - i can imagine that they dont want to turn your head on a attack.)

    where is the owner to this other aggressive dog. if it is not social and is attacking your dog even if in an off lead area you are entitled to call the council. they must have their dog under controll at all times.

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    yeah, I have the same problem with my dog, at the park, usually by labs, border collies and german shepards, no dogs in particular but it just always seems to be one of these?????? strange.

    I can see why, he's not quite two so I guess that makes him a teenager and full of hormones, and when he's sees another dog he stands up tall(ready to play) and I suppose this would be taken as standoffish by another adult dog who would then want to put him in his place.

    But Bully (sounds tough but he's not) has got a fair bit of speed to him and just jumps out of the way, he thinks its a game and goes up to the dog again, he never thinks its aggression he just wants to play.

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    Like people, some dogs just do not like each other. Males especially are more prone to disliking other males (though bitches can and do fight to the death).

    Is your boy entire? He may be reeking of more testosterone than the others which makes him a target. A 'threat' if you will.

    like a rolling thunder chasing the wind...

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