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Thread: Help! Stem Cells for Arthritis in Dogs??

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    Smile Help! Stem Cells for Arthritis in Dogs??

    Hello everyone!
    Would love to hear anyones opinion or hear what they have heard in regards to stem cells from fat being used for arthritis? My dog Millie has severe arthritis in her hind legs and I have tried almost everything to help her out.
    My friend mentioned that she saw a segment on the 7:30 report on the ABC that this stem cells is new way of doing things is having amazing results. I have done a search and on seen one website in australia but that is it. Regeneus Animal Health. Advancing treatment for osteoarthritis, cancer and kidney disease in animals. and it goes through the procedure but I hadnt heard anything first hand.

    Thanks in advance people!

    Regards Patrick

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    It's extremely expensive and only done in one clinic in sydney. The cost - around $6000 a treatment - is beyond most peoples budgets

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    Hi Patrick

    I read about this a while ago and it is very exciting!

    I have not heard anything first hand, though Adicell treatment has been incredibly successful. This treatment is also giving humans with arthritis great hope in living their lives with out pain.

    The clinic is in Turramurra from memory, though there will be many more clinics offering this treatment in the near future.

    It is expensive, i think a lot of the cost covers MRI's, bloodwork etc needed for the procedure. The good news is the fee includes all joints neededing repair and also all follow up treatment (I think)

    It can also be very expensive to care for a dog with these conditions anyway, with xrays, medications, alternative medicine, acupuncture etc...

    It cant hurt to check it out, at least you will be well informed...Good luck


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