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Thread: Help Needed for Dog in Pain

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    Dear OP - what a time you guys have had. Sorry I'm late into your thread and I hope I can provide something useful.

    (Also speaking as an owner of dogs over 35kg here...)

    If this leg has had this much work and he is suffering, amputation is probably the option. Dogs this heavy can (not all do) sometimes handle an amputation of a rear leg ok, but it is costly and involves some intensive recovery/rehab time.

    Tough when you have a family, baby and no money.

    If he is in pain, and treatment options are out of your league, euthansia may be an option.

    Quality of life for your family is as much an option as it is for the dog. If you cannot find a way to provide for both, something has to give. Suffering is not a successful outcome, whether it's him suffering pain, or you and you family suffering lack of food and other basic needs.

    Do you have a vet you can trust? If you can't afford that, sit down and write an old fashioned list of pros and cons, of what is possible and what isn't.

    If you have to let him go, then that's ok. It's something we are able to offer our dear furred friends when we can offer nothing more - freedom from pain.

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