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Thread: Pippi Surprises Me Every Day

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    Default Pippi Surprises Me Every Day

    IWalked the kid up to school this morning and took little Pippins with us as she still cannot go outside without supervision. Anyway, on the way home I had to stop at the servo and because I didnt have the kid with me any more I had to tie her up outside, I was meant to go to the servo first so th ekid could wait with her but I forgot.

    Apart from walking on the lead, Pippi has never ever been tied up or have me walk out of her vision while tied so to be honest, I was expecting a massive tantrum from her.

    I was wrong. I went in and came out and she was just lying quietly waiting for me to come out. WTF?

    This probably wouldnt be surprising for anyone else lol, but while Pippi is a gorgeous little thing and on one hand just perfect at some stuff, she is also a naughty little wench so I was a bit shocked at her just waiting patiently without crying for me seeing as it was her first time (Barney has been tethered like that loads and he always has a bit of a whinge)

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    Aww what a good girl Pippi! Mine go crazy down at the local shop... and that's with me still in their line of vision!

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