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Thread: Need to Rehome My Sisters Dog ASAP, Can You Help?

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    Default Need to Rehome My Sisters Dog ASAP, Can You Help?

    Posting this add for my sister who is moving interstate and needs to rehome her lovely kelpie cross

    Moving interstate regretful giveaway of a beautiful kelpie cross named Mocha.

    Mocha is a 3 year old desexed female, vaccinations, heartworm and worming up to date.

    Originally rescued from the RSPCA at 6 months old after mistreatment from original owners.

    Loves to run around and is good with other dogs. Has been owned by a married couple and has basic obedience training. Timid at first but will open up with love when she gets to know the new owners.

    Will only go to the best of homes. Comes with lead and collar, beds and food bowl.

    Preferable rehoming in a big backyard or acerage with or without other dogs.

    Needs to be rehomed ASAP. Please phone or email at or phone 0418 725 778

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    Is there a reason why he can't go with her?

    I assume there is otherwise you wouldn't be posting though I guess.

    Sadly, there is an overabundance of dogs looking for new homes so you may find it hard. Good luck.
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