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Thread: How Far is to Far to Walk a Puppy

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    HI all, I am a first time dog owner who has just inherited an approx 5-6 month old Labrador x Kelpie (though she looks all Lab except with a Kelpie face). She is very friendly and very energetic. To help with some of the high energy and bordom issues I have been taking her walking with me twice a day and we are averaging about 5km per day. A concerned friend raised the question is it to early for her to be walking that far every day?
    Looking for advice on this question.
    And would love to hear any tips from other with this cross breed.

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    I think as long as she is still having puppy milk and puppy food then she'll be ok. You will know from her reaction (panting, lagging) when she's had enough. Watch out though - she'll be harder to carry home than a tired chihuahua!

    I'd get her into training as soon as possible. That mix is going to be a high energy bandit! Teaching a dog early on means it's all she's ever known. It will also give her something to focus on and use up some of her brain power.

    If she ever gets a hold of your shoes, clothes, anything she's not meant to do NOT give it to her because she's already wrecked it. Dogs don't know the difference between 'this is mine and that's yours', items are items, shoes are shoes and giving in gives her free reign to have whatever she wants.

    How is she at walking? A dog that size I'd say loose lead walking is going to be one of the best things you ever teach her. With the amount you guys are walking at the moment this should be a breeze

    Also, look into socialization. Puppy schools are great for this, they teach sit, stay and all that other stuff but there are other puppies there to say hello to.

    And of course, ask questions

    Good luck!

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    rule of thumb walking dog - Google Search

    Strong sense of deja vu on this one. 2.5 km per walk should be ok. You might want to learn about "shaping tricks" and fun training too to work her brain. Ie she has to figure out what you want to get the treat or game of tug or fetch.

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