Hi guys,

I haven't been here in a while, things have been very busy. But this was the first place I thought to visit for advice on camping/hiking with dogs in Perth. I am looking to go on a weekend camping trip with Keeda in the near future. Unfortunately, there are some snags:

1. I can't go far out of the metro area. I'm currently in Atwell, about 20km away from the city, and can only travel about 30 mins from this point. There's a good reason why and this will change in the future, but for now it's an unfortunate limitation

2. I considered the Bibbulmun track (may be able to get a lift there), but apparently most of it does not allow dogs and the parts that do put fox bait on the track, so if Keeda happens to eat it we're in trouble.

3. I'm looking for something safe - with rangers etc, at least for my first trip, yet scenic and not super busy. I'm imagining hiking, pitching a tent, hiking some more. I'd rather hike "to" somewhere and then back (such as the Bibbulmun track would have it), but don't mind having a "base" in one spot and exploring around it.

Has anyone here gone camping in Perth with their dog? Even if it isn't in that SOR type area. What was your experience and can you recommend any locations/tips? I'm going to visit a camping store that's nearby tomorrow and see if they can give me some advice as well.