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Thread: Doggy Pimples??

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    Default Doggy Pimples??

    Iv noticed little pimples on my boy's belly & near his hind legs. Some are little scabs. They don't seem to irritate him though. Is there anything I should put on them or just leave them alone?

    Any idea what they are or what causes them? I did notice 1 ages ago but now there's about 15.
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    Pimples as in white filled with a pus/oil substance or blood?

    Could it be fleas?

    Without seeing them I wouldn't really have a clue. I'd say if they aren't bothering him then don't worry too much. Maybe just give him a bath and make sure he's completely dry, just to clean any irritation that might be lingering on the skin.

    Have there been any changes lately? Grass a little longer than normal (my other dog was allergic to grass), a change in laundry detergent and you've washed his bedding, diet change or something that he's always had being added more to his diet?

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    It sounds though it might be allergy related. A contact allergy perhaps?

    Fleas allergies will show skin irritation on the top side of the rump near the tail, not on the abdomen.
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    They are pimples, and they can be an allergic reaction from the saliva from fleas. It could be mites, a fungus or a bacteria infection.
    My best guess is fleas though. The only thing you can do, is remove the fleas from the pup, and the environment.
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    Definitly not fleas, well none on him anyway. I'm vigilant with keeping him & my home flea free!! Could be grass allergy, we have been taking him to the park more often & the grass has been overgrown. It's mainly in the area where there's not a lot of hair/fur. He dosnt seem bothered by it soni might just leave it alone unless it gets worse.

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