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Thread: How Long to Get Fit??

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    Oh wow Jucealala, mushroom! That's funny. My Beagle would have looked at me like I was crazy if I'd tried to giver her any uncooked veggies. I think she thinks she is living the life of luxury now. I always felt sorry for her not getting enough stimulation but I had my dog, plus I own a young horse, I work part-time and study part-time at uni- so I had no time to take her on. But since I lost Tia there is an opening in my life that coincided with my Brother leaving.
    The fitness is just part of getting her head in the right space again; her mind is always running a million miles a minute, so to get focus she needs regular exercise.
    She's such a good dog (brains, type and breeding) that it seemed a waste having her sit in a backyard- not to mention her sanity. You're right though I probably do need to remind myself that this is all new to her...

    Awe Aussie , Lady is so cute! Hehe look at that grey chin. I always tease Brody about hers. Your girl's in such great condition **sigh** We'll get there. I love that working dog look of focus too

    Ang I'll look into the Batty Sentient Yoghurt Plus, I've never heard of it before. So it seems the consensus is that there is too much feed. I think I'll stager the cut backs as advised- THANKS everyone It's good to have other's opinions.

    Hya Wow details! I need a note book. lol. I think I need to read up on my dog nutrition. One of my close friends is an Equine nutritionist, and before we met I had no idea how little i knew. I think it'll probably be the same with my dog nutrition knowledge once I start.

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    The really really keen people feed their dogs a raw diet, based mainly on raw meat. There is also a diet you can make or buy called "BARF". I don't feed that.

    I use these websites a bit to help choose the dry dog food. There are also some recipes for dog food in here somewhere.

    The Dog Food Project - How does your Dog Food Brand compare?
    Dog Food Analysis - Reviews of kibble

    The ingredients for various brands here are slightly different depending on what is cheap to get for the manufacturers. But the websites do give you a clue on what to look for and what to avoid in a dog food.

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    Keeda (who is 1/4 Kelpie, 1/4 ACD, and 2/4 Beagle and is turning 5 this year) gained a lot of weight when she was living with my mom. When I moved into a rental that allowed dogs and got to have her with me again, I switched her from dry kibble and 4Legs to BARF and raw bones and got a chance to exercise her more often - mostly running. She went from this:

    To this in about a month or two:

    I think the modified diet really helped a lot. She was getting less food, but also seemed to improve overall. Shinier coat, fresher breath. She gained a lot more energy (although that's probably mostly due to not having so much weight to lug around!)

    Good luck with getting Brody's weight down! It really did help Keeda and I - she became like a puppy again and just seems to revitalized! (in fact people now ask how old she is, surprised when I say she's 4 because she looks younger).

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