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Thread: Recommended Dog for an Apartment ?

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    Hi Pale rider

    Another dog that shows up at rescue a fair bit is the tenterfield terrier which I think is a variation on fox terrier, similar in look to the Manchester terrier. You'd really want to take the neighbour's dogs to meet any terrier, but especially these, as not all of them are friendly with other dogs.

    Whether you get an older dog or a puppy, you will need to go through house training as from scratch - because your place is new to them.
    Before You Get Your Puppy | Dog Star Daily

    And whatever you do, do not get a dog via the internet classifieds or pet shops. That would be kin to supporting puppy mills which are like battery farms for dogs. And we don't like to encourage back yard breeders either - tho each one of those would need to be assessed on their own merits, accidents do happen to some people who have to learn the hard way how to prevent them. Dogs are pretty amazing jail breakers for a bitch on heat.

    You don't have to get a dog or puppy from rescue - tho' we'd cheer you if you did. These are some guidelines about picking a puppy source.
    How do I find a good dog breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    and when picking a rescue...(pick the friendly dog)
    Gary Wilkes Click and Treat: How to Get a Dog

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    Quote Originally Posted by palerider View Post
    Short coat , I dont mind some shedding , sleep outdoors but inside at night before I go to bed And I have plenty of time , only work 35 hours.
    You must be a public servant then
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    I think a good small dog that is "manly" is a Minature Pinscher.
    As long as you exercise your dog and provide suitable entertainment your dog should cope well in an apartment. Good luck bringing a pup home

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    Maybe try this website? Top 10 Dogs for Apartment Living - Ten dog breeds that do well in apartments
    Has some breeds on there that would suitable living in an apartment and might have some that you're interested in. Bichon Frise's are a good option for those who have an apartment, as they are usually happy to just follow you around and don't require as much exercise, they usually get along with other dogs quite well. But I'm afraid they aren't exactly very 'manly' looking.
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    I would recommend a miniature schnauzer. They generally sleep all day and they don't shed fur.

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