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Thread: Please Help, I Can't Find A Pomeranian Breeder That Seems Legitimate?

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    Here are three Pom breeders in WA.(One of them is actually a Pekignese breeder-so two, inluding the one mentioned above).
    Pomeranian Breeders, Australia

    Despite being 'the only option' I quite like the look of this breeder.
    Oltenia Pomeranians
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post

    Did you look at that website? ALL CAPS AND USES SMS Abbreviations. YIKES.

    And wants over 2K for the puppies. Says she's on the register but not which one. Doesn't say what the proper names of her dogs are. Ie is there a "prefix".

    I would phone up dogs west and check that she really is on the register before going near the place, but there a whole lot of things about her website that would put me off buying anything from her if I wanted an ANKC purebred Pom.
    Ok, thaught that dogzonline was pretty good with keeping things above board. I really didn't think that much into it. I didn't go through that with my 2 went through a family friend breeder.
    Sorry for putting up info on not great option.
    I know I've got alot to learn about this kind of stuff.

    Goodluck finding a pom

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    Dogzonline is a good start, they have their hands tied though with what breeders than can and can't include on their site.
    They have all registered breeders, but as we know, registered doesn't always mean reputable or responsible.

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    I wouldn't get a staffy based on finding the breeder listed on the DOL website. Most of them seem to be breeding for blue, don't show etc.

    ANKC is a bit slack when it comes to making sure members follow their guidelines, they're a bit like the pirates of the carribean - ie not law more like "guidelines"... I suspect it comes down to who has the resources to fight the lawsuits whether they're in the right or not.

    If I was looking for a pure bred dog I would be talking to other people who have these dogs - and not from pet shops or back yard breeders and I would be going to the dog shows and talking to the show crowd there. And if there was a breed club, I'd be going to their social events. And if there was a dog sport I wanted to get into - I'd go to those and ask people where they got their dogs - for the dogs I liked.

    Face to face research is much better than internet research because people can put up pretty websites that are complete pack of lies, or even truthful but not what a legit purebred would be buyer needs.

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