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Thread: Help Me Identify the Breed of My Puppy! Please!

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    I reckon so pugger....

    Have messaged Morgan about the double accounts - just don't have access (read: I can't remember the password) to the other one anymore. I'd reset the password but lost the email account when my computer crashed last year....

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    I may be able to re send you one

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    Im with Anne, I reckon Bully breed..."Bull Arab" sort of thing.
    Very cute though!
    Education not Legislation

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    PS not all ridgebacks have ridges. Some get born without. If they are registered, it should be with "limited papers" ie the dog should be desexed and puppies would not be allowed to be registered.

    Another weird limitation of the ANKC. Ie that dogs that are "mutant" are not to be registered. Its amazing what is done in the name of animal breeding, that would never be allowed with humans. Eugenics it was called if you want to look it up. It's what they meant in the novels of the 1800s (D i c kens, Austin) by "well bred" and "badly bred" humans!

    edit - can't believe this thing would star out Charles D i c k e n s.
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    AS Hya said not all Ridgebacks come with the ridge especially cross breeds.

    I have a Bullmastiff X Ridgie X Dane X Foxhound (could go on all night haha) She has no Ridge but her sister from the same litter has a ridge and is actually quiet hard to tell apart from an RR.

    But yeah Bull Arab (Basically a cross of similar dogs to mine to create a pig dog) is what your pup looks like to me also .

    Keira as a puppy

    Puppy Keira with her sister (Holly) who has a ridge
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    Wow thank you for all your replies, it's good to have some other opinions on what she might be.
    All in all, if we never find out what she is it doesn't matter, she's a beautiful pup and we absolutely adore her and wouldn't give her up for the world. It would just be interesting to see what she is mixed with.
    If anyone else has any other suggestions they would still be greatly appreciated
    And thank you to those who posted pics of their pups - Keira is epecially gorgeous, and does look quite a lot like Cleo, just different colours.

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    Default Puppy Breed

    I'd guess boxer x, possibly with Bull Arab as someone else suggested. I say this mostly based on the face and head shape. Body weight (esp at maturity ) would strongly influence my guess though. If this dog was actually a medium dog vs a large or xlarge dog the possibilities vary widely.
    Ridgebacks tend to have minimal white and this is often strongly passed on. Its very hard to differentiate a lot of the medium to large breed dogs "that look like dogs" as they have a lot of genetic overlap and are often close to the ancestral type. People tend to place excessive influence on familiar coat patterns such as calling any largish dog with a black and tan coat a dobe X or Rotti X.
    Ridgeback crosses often have ridges (almost as often as purebreds in my experience: interesting the crossbreds seem more prone to the cystic complications of the ridge) but the abscence of one doesn't rule it out.
    In the end no one can give you better than a guess unless they saw the mating occur!

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