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Thread: I Have Just Been Told by a Stranger to Let My Dog of the Leash!

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    Default I Have Just Been Told by a Stranger to Let My Dog of the Leash!

    I was in the park this morning with Dexter on a leash when I saw this lab run the length of the park to see this boy who was walking across the park the owner screamed and at the last minute the dog retuned to her.The poor boy walked back to the other side of the park to wait for them to go before daring to go across.

    I stayed at the edge of the park out of the way when the same lab came bounding up waiting to play with Dexter.Dexter was fine on the leash though did pull towards the other dog because he wanted to play.Anyway the women looked at me trying to walk away and said I should let Dexter off the leash to play with her dog because he will feel aggressive on a leash and that is wrong!

    I was in shock and just said he is a rescue dog and I don't trust him to come back when called.She said in that case I will call mine then as I can't have him on a leash as he is aggressive!He came back after she really shouted at him and by this time her other dog was getting a bit aggressive barking at Dexter.

    It was all a bit odd really to be spoken to as if I was her child or she was my trainer!

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    One word


    What is wrong with people seriously. Your dog is aggresive on leash so you let him off?? I have a dog who has seriously leash aggression issues (and a shoddy recall), would never dream of letting her off randomly in a park to run up to kids and other dogs.


    If you see her again I would avoid her LOL.

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    I find the exact same thing as her. My dog is excellent with most dogs off the leash, but gets very defensive and will bare teeth and hackles when dogs approach him on the leash. This is only really with pushy, nosy dogs that don't get the hint when they're not welcome.

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    I don’t think anyone should tell you to take your dog off leash. She can keep her dog away from you if she has a problem with it. Off leash parks attract some interesting owners.

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    That lady is seriously nuts....(could say something worse..) I NEVER let my dog off the leash Just in case. If we are on the farm I let them run, but not when we are out.

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    sarah, we never are out! we only ever have them at home.

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    Miley gets lead aggressive if she is off lead and another on lead and visa versa.
    They are less like to be aggressive if they are equal.
    That moronic woman should have put her dog ON lead to calm her dog down.

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    Thanks for your replies.I was just so surprised by her that I wanted to know what everyone else thought.

    It was not an off leash park so really it was up to her to put her dog on a leash rather than tell me to let Dexter off.

    I saw her again this morning but kept well away from her!

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    When my dog was crap at recall, I had a lot of people ask if I'd let her off lead to play...

    And I ended up saying, only if you promise to help catch her. And some did and some didn't. The ones that helped, got a fair idea of why I didn't want to let her off at all. You really have to make your own decision about whether you're going to listen to what other people say. If you felt it was ok, you'd already have your dog off lead.

    It is true some dogs are aggressive to other dogs based on who is on lead (many combinations), but to me this is more a reflection on the owner and their (lack of) training skill. It's not ok to ask or demand someone to let their dog loose just because your dog doesn't like other dogs that are on lead. It's up to that owner to train a new behaviour for their dog (and put it on lead before it attacks any other dog).

    It's always a good idea to keep your dog on lead when going to a new park with its own dog pack, rather than let your dog go screaming up to dogs it doesn't now. One reason I hate most labradors is they seem to be the chosen favourite breed of idiots.

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