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Thread: Awkward Behaviour

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lala View Post
    LMAO you dont want him to look stupid in front of bif?


    \You acnt be for real
    Well.. Doom act this way because he feels uncomfortable right? Him looking stupid in front of a dog he does not feel comfortable about is maybe not ideal... or is it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zipster View Post
    Well.. Doom act this way because he feels uncomfortable right? Him looking stupid in front of a dog he does not feel comfortable about is maybe not ideal... or is it


    I thought maybe you were trolling....guess I was wrong.

    Oh too funny.

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    I am amazed at how many male dog owners feel some sort of direct connection between their own testicles and their dog's testicles. The dog does not feel the same way about his balls as his owner. However taking the balls off an adult dog (without doing any training) is unlikely to change his behaviour much. It will mean he is much less likely to get testicular cancer or father any unwanted puppies or search the neighbourhood for a bitch in heat risking traffic accidents and death.

    I think Doom wants to take over Bif's space and stuff and Bif is not that willing to be displaced in his own house. This can make for massive and serious dog fights. It's Bif's home, and Bif needs to feel safe in his own home but it's clear from your description that Doom could easily kill Bif. Hardly fair.

    It's up to you to step up and put a stop to Doom's behaviour. Keep him on lead when you're at Bif's house and do not let him growl at Bif. Do not growl at Doom for growling at Bif tho. It's really important you allow your dog to give a warning growl and don't punish that - or you teach the dog to snap without warning, and I dunno about you, but I'd rather have a warning.

    I'm suggesting distract and reward.

    What does Doom love to do or eat? Take some of that with you, give a pack of the treats to your friend Nick and you keep a pack for you and Doom, and both you and Nick give your dog treats for paying attention to their respective owners ie when Doom ignores Bif and pays attention to you, he gets a treat. And same with Bif and Nick.

    Hopefully they will both become a lot more comfortable in each other's presence.

    Do be careful they don't have the opportunity to fight over the treats. You will need to do this with dogs where they cannot reach each other. And both start and stop the treats at the same time.

    And if you can get Bif and Doom exercised until they're tired first that will help too.

    If they refuse to get along, the only fair thing to do would be to leave Doom at home when visiting Bif, or vice versa, Bif stays home when your friend visits you.

    Obedience classes while some can be kind of boring - will put you in touch with a lot of other dogs - for Doom social skills practice, and people who can teach you how to read a dog and train it into better manners. A good behaviourist should be able to do the same thing.

    This guy is a good trainer especially for sorting out dogs showing aggression.
    K9 Pro The K9 Professionals; Dog Training and Behaviour Site

    He has some good articles on his website too - on how to pick a trainer, and if you email or phone him, he will recommend one closer to you if that helps. It will probably cost money but if you love your dog and his freedom, it would be worth it.

    You also need to learn how to read a dog's behaviour, and what to do when it starts getting unpleasant...

    This woman is very good at that kind of thing.
    Questions and answers from Turid Rugaas

    She has a book and a dvd. My dog loves watching the dvd. Lots of dogs making calming signals ie calm down, I'm friendly, don't want to fight...
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    Well thank you ladies i had a great time in here, it was actually the most hilarious highlight of my day!

    Thanks again but remember dogs are not barbie dolls, they are animals, you have to be aware of that before you get one.

    You can't chop their organs for whatever reason unless they are sick and you cant give the valium because they are just being animals.

    They are creations of the nature, or god if you prefer, going against their nature in any sort of way is a little cruel and will drive them mad at some point.

    Doom is acting funny, with Bif, and i concluded that there is nothing I can do about it. So I live with it, and everything is fine. If I cant then I will do otherwise.

    I bid you goodnight ladies!

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    Successful troll is successful.

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    LOL nah I think the replies made her feel like a dill..(like Doof would if he was desexed)
    so she pretended she was a troll so she wouldn't feel so daft.

    Ah well I guess we won't be seeing her again LOL

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    Call me the way you like, this is not going to change what I think of most dog owners in this country. Owned dogs are frustrated and I can see that everyday.. I think this has a lot to do with the way men treats their women.. women are frustrated and insecure, therefore they are projecting on the dog.. children etc..

    I know this is not your fault ladies, I'm not blaming you directly. The whole picture is just a bit sad that's all. I can't change the world or can I.

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    Oh a misogynist in our midst.. how lovely

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    Nice try, only some things get a rise out of me. Bored teenagers isn't one of them.

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    I thought this anti desexing troll went to jail. Weird.

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