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Thread: To Risk Off Lead, or Not, That is the Question?

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    Lala, I would try and 'borrow' the fenced yard first. Take a bunch of her favorite treats to entice her, and make sure she knows you have them. Is the yard completely fenced off or does it have one side open? If you take her deep enough in you should be ok either way.

    If you do let her off and she isn't responding, walk away. Turn around and just start walking. It sounds like you're the boss and her loving mummy, and she definitely won't want to be left behind.

    Oh, I don't do running either lol. Let us know what you decide to do.

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    Well what it actually is, is a vacant lot between a couple of houses.

    It's completely fenced with no gate, except for a small gap I have noticed down in one corner so once in, that would be the only way she could exit it.

    There is a number on the fence for the property so I might give them a call and check it's ok to "borrow" LOL

    I will definitely be trying a fenced yard first though I think. Like I said before, all our dogs grew up in NZ off lead a lot of the time at the beach or river so I have never had a dog who has only ever been out on lead and I dont want to risk the chance she might not recall. Even though she has been improving a lot lately, she is quite the smart stubborn wee thing when she wants.

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