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    I was very saddened to come home last night and read the now closed thread which told me why I had not seen crazy Dog on site, for Goodness sake, this person is totally a dog nut, loves them, may spend too much time online researching all sorts of stuff for her own good but this is surely no crime.

    Do any of you really class a couple of litters of crossbred pups and a very few TM's as a puppy farm? if so, get real, also let's get real on what sort of things can help the pure bred dog breeder who wants to present a better profile to the public ought to worry about.

    For my book it is not crushing a person who could be encouraged to breed for the betterment of dogs over a few litters you do not approve of.

    It IS about doing better, weather you breed under the ANKC or not makes no diff if you are not doing the best you can by your breed and your club or the ANKC and many are too busy pointing fingers at the likes of CD instead of looking to see how to clean up their own backyard.

    Some of Australia's biggest puppy farms, proper puppy farms, producing thousands of pups per year not a couple of litters, are members of their states ANKC bodies, one even got a ten thousand dollar Gov. grant years ago to go overseas and set up his export market.

    How does CD stack up against all that? very small potatoes, she needs to be encouraged to watch what she breeds perhaps but not slammed.

    And if those intent on slamming spent a bit more time looking at the latest tests available they would all know you can now do over 40 DNA tests on any breed or cross breed at very affordable prices, just Google ASAP genetic tests and see for yourself and avail yourselves of this service, far more proactive than sneaking around and checking on members activities here.

    We have just had both all our cross bred dogs and our pure bred dogs done by them, this on top of already having profiles and what tests were offered by GENTECH over the years.

    How many breeders I wonder will you see that have done this, it is not part of requirments by ANKC for most breeds, so why slam poor old CD, many registered breeders do not do tests yet they are ok?

    Oh' of course we can become you beaut breeders by sending in proof to ANKC of a few tests (not on every dog mind just proof you have done a few) and let some of our mates peruse our kennel and we can then be ACCREDITED breeders in our state with our ANKC body, well wow, what do we agree to breed only to better the breed for to be registered breeders in the first place?

    I do hope that if Crazy Dog comes back she is not denigrated, she is not the cause of the problems in the dog world, although such enthusiasm for dogs as she shows may one day help to fix a few of those unless I have totally misread her !

    I do not intend to keep this thread going, I just hope some of you do think about what I have said about the the dog breeding world, and give CD a fair go.

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    EDIT - I Gave Minibull enough time to read this so I will delete it.
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    If the allegations are spot on then she is a backyard breeder. Simple.

    I'm not sure about puppy farmer (depends on how many litter's are churned out year after year)

    What she is doing (allegedly) goes against everything I believe in as does the ANKC and for that reason I cannot support that.

    Hundreds of thousands of dogs are PTS in pounds every year in Australia. That's what I care about, not hurting someone's feelings on a public forum because they practice in something I find aberrant.

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    Some folk are aware of the thousands of ANKC registered puppies who are bought and exported by the litter many to names you will see over and over in our ANKC monthly mags, one name you will see time and gain, I will not print it that only gives them advertising, but all ANKC members know jus,t who it is, Jjames, ok by you no doubt, they will not land in shelters here and it is ANKC backed so must be fine by you too 'eh.

    Quite pathetic to pick on CD when our own ANKC knows and approves, by association with very large scale puppy farming, and do not kid yourself it has anything to do with improving breeds when it comes to large scale business like that.

    C L if you cannot leave up whatever you put up, that says it all.

    Thread done and dusted you have both shown your worth.

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    Minibulls, you could have responded in the thread which is not closed

    People can then see what you are on about and decide for themselves what they think.
    No-one HAS to agree with anyone else here. I don't see anyone being rude to CD. I do see unanswered questions and I also see hypocrisy and deception.
    Crazy dog is welcome to return.

    This thread is closed. If you must continue this topic do it in the above mentioned thread.

    Thank you.

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