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Thread: Confused About Anal Glands

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    Default Confused About Anal Glands

    Are we supposed to squeeze them or let the dogs body do whatever it's supposed do?

    My doggy is a little stinky at the moment & I'm tempted to get them done.

    I have heard once you do them you always need to do them. My dog didn't really have an issue for about 8 months, hubby decided after learning about what they were to give it a go. I'm finding ever since that day I can smell this fishy odor more often.

    So the q is, should we squeeze them or let them be?

    It's stiiiinky!!!!

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    The glands are supposed to empty every time the dog defecates.
    If the stools are too soft or too hard then the glands won't express when the dog 'goes', that's when we need to step in and do it.

    Some dogs never need their glands expressed, others needs it done monthly or more, it depends on the individual dog.

    The idea of once you do them, you always have to is a bit of a myth. Some dogs can get infected glands because they have built up due to illness or an incorrect diet for the dog and they have to be expressed. If the dogs health improves or the diet is changed then they might never need doing again.

    I have never needed to do any of my dogs.

    EDIT - lol I didn't answer your question
    If it were me I would squeeze them again and examine the dogs stool, is it very hard or on the softer side?

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    lol was just thinking about what you wrote
    [QUOTEhubby decided after learning about what they were to give it a go][/QUOTE]

    cant imagine mine ever doing that.

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    I did Mileys once because she was bum dragging.
    She hasn't needed it done since.. which was a month ago.
    Her bum did stink badly before I did it too and it doesn't smell like that anymore.
    Maybe it wasn't done properly last time?

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