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Thread: Lost Dog - I Am Heartbroken

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    Unhappy Lost Dog - I Am Heartbroken

    Today my dog Johnny escaped from an enclosed off leash park. I haven't seen him since 2pm. I spent hours walking around looking for him. I am printing off posters to distribute around the area but I am so worried.

    Has anyone lost a dog? Advice welcomed and good stories about your pup being returned appreciated.

    Best lost dog story I know was my parents last dog. She got freaked out by something and escaped the puppy gate. Caught a train and the train driver was given her by someone who said "this is your problem". The train driver took her to the vet, got her microchip scanned and called us to pick her up. She was fed cat food until we arrived and was happy as punch.

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    How awful for you.

    Ring all your local vets and pounds. You need to personally go into the pounds to look at all the impounded dogs and not just take whoever answers the phone on their word. Do this everyday to make sure.

    Walk around the area often. He may be frightened and hiding.

    Is he microchipped and is he wearing a collar with your info on it?

    Good luck finding him. You must be beside yourself.

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    I'm so sorry michelle, it's terrifying when we lose a dog. Posters are a great idea, put them up in local pet stores, vets and stick them on telegraph poles in the neighborhood.
    Entrances to any dog parks are a good place as well.

    A lot of people these days start pages on Facebook as well to spread the word.

    I have heard many happy stories of lost dogs being reuinited with their owners.

    Did you hear about Harry the Chihuahua stolen from the Melbourne Show? He was happily reunited with his family after well over a week.

    My parents have had a Great Dane escape only to find her sitting on a traffic island watching the world go by.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you

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    i have seen lots of lost dog adds in gumtree and its free so i would put one on there.

    my nan and pops dog was picked up by a good samaraton (however thats spelt) in the enterance to their driveway where he used to wait for my nan and pop to get home every day and was driven to bonnie doon which is about a 2 hour drive and dropped off at the council/pound where it was microchipped and they called my nan. then they realised that the dog was at home in the first place.

    the lovely pound worker took him home for the rest of the week and on the weekend dropped him back for nan and pop. no charge

    good luck finding your dog,

    without being to specific on area and invading your privacy it might be better if you say breed of dog and maybe suburb that he/ she went missing

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    Don't lose hope - my mum's dog Rudy was lost for 6 days and 5 nights last year. He's a maltese x poodle, and was sighted in all sorts of places. Running on train tracks, underneath a freeway, near rivers, and managed to cross 3 local government areas before being found.

    In the end, a council ranger picked him up and took him to the Lost Dogs Home. I'm not sure where you are or what the processes are there, but in Melbourne, various council rangers take in dogs to the LDH at least once a day. Keep calling back, don't stop, and don't lose hope!

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    How awful, I would be beside myself!!

    Where abouts are you?

    Do you mind if I ask how he escsped? was there a hole in the fence or did someone let him out?

    I hope you find him soon.

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    Best of luck.. I hope he turns up soon.

    My parents dog escaped once and was missing for 2 days, until he came home all on his own. They thought it was someone knocking on the door, then to find their pooch sitting on the front step tail wagging non-stop!

    There definitely is hope! Don't give up!
    Sit, drop & roll!!! So proud of my little man

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    I am very scared for him but I haven’t given up yet.

    We were in a fenced off dog park (off leash) and he got spooked by something and bolted. He has only ever done that to me once before – right when we started Flyball training and he took off after another dog. But that was months ago and we have gotten better with his recalls until yesterday.

    He was just too quick and I lost him. I didn’t think he could fit under the fence but he squished himself under it.

    I live in the Blacktown area but the park is in South Penrith (Both in NSW). I am worried he won’t make it home from there (our first and last time to that park!)

    A Facebook page sounds like an excellent idea – My friends in the area have been posting his picture and a note daily about him being gone.

    I am going to put some classified ads out next week if I have no luck on the weekend. I also found a group called Pet Search who help find your dog. I have printed posters off at work. If I hear nothing from the local pound today at 3pm (time the ranger arrives and dogs are checked in) I will leave work and go postering.

    He is my little man and such a top dog. I really hope he avoids roads and doesn’t get adopted by someone who thinks I dumped him or something silly.

    Thanks for all the kind words.

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    If he's registered and microchipped with up to date contact details, you should be able to get him back via the council and pound. But there is always the possibility that someone just keeps him or he has a traffic accident. However I would look along the way between your house and the park. Most dogs that like their home do try to go back and have an amazing ability to smell out the way.

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    My details are correct on his microchip. I also have my current mobile number on his ID tag (he would still be wearing his collar). I know I need to wait it out but it is killing me.

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