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Thread: Lost Dog - I Am Heartbroken

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    With a collar and a microchip the chances are significantly higher that he will be returned to you.

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    Well today went well. Johnny is home and resting.

    Went for another poster put up and flyer drop. 15 minutes after I put a poster up in a pub someone called me saying they had seen him last night. They tried to grab him but he hates being picked up by strangers so he ran away. They gave me the street address and we went there.

    My Aunty found him a street over from where the woman said.

    When I saw him I dropped on my knees and he ran over to me. Wet from the rain and a bit muddy. We all sobbed so happy to see him alive. I was sure he would be hit by a car.

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. He won't be off leash any time soon. Naughty Naughty boy!

    Most stressful 42 hours of my life.

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    That's fantastic news michelle, so glad he is home safe!

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    WOOHOO!!! I love a happy ending!!

    I'm so glad Johnny is home. Poor bugger must have been terrified!!

    Have a well earned sleep tonight Michelle89

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    Yay,That's great news! I'm so happy to hear (read) you found him!

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    So glad you found him. Phew.

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    Such a lovely ending

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    Thats great!! Glad to here he is home.
    Sit, drop & roll!!! So proud of my little man

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    Default Johnny

    I have attached a photo of Johnny relaxing under his favourite tree with a bone.

    Thank you all for the kind words.

    I am so very relieved. We go back to Flyball tomorrow - Will be taking it easy. 48 hours on the street would wear anyone down.
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    So glad he is back home.It is also nice to know as I always wonder if a thread is not updated if the person ever got their dog back.

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