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Thread: Need Help with Peeing Inside.....

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    Default Need Help with Peeing Inside.....

    Hey All

    Hope someone on here can give me some advice on what is going on with our little girl Zoe.

    We have had her now for about 4 weeks(a rescue @ 2 years old) and the first 2 weeks were painful to say the least. She peed in ever room possible and all over the rug in our living room. After reading on the forum how to go about stopping this behavior, I took her outside every half hour for her to pee on the grass and praised and treated her for doing so. After doing this for a week all seemed fine and we slowly started to trust her as she stopped peeing inside.

    In the first 2 weeks that we had her she slept downstairs in the rumpus room with access to the backyard via a doggy flap. We then decided that she was well behaved enough to sleep upstairs with us inside and this worked well until her snoring woke/kept my fiance up at night. She has been upstairs with us for 2 weeks now and no peeing inside the house at all. So last night we made her sleep in the rumpus room again.

    I took her for a walk this morning as I do every morning and then when I got back I let her wander around upstairs as she normally does when we are getting ready for work and yes you guessed it, she went straight to the rug in the living room and peed. I was so mad!!!!

    My question is, what form of behavior would she be demonstrating and how do we get her to stop doing this. it seems like she did it totally out of spite as if to say 'I will show you what I do if you make me sleep down stairs' Its so frustrating!!

    Any ideas?


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    Um no.

    I think you just need to go back to what you were doing at the start as she hasn't quite got the message. If you change anything about her routine, eg where she sleeps, when she gets fed, when she gets walked, or when you are home, you may need to become more vigilant again.

    If she pees somewhere she shouldn't, make no fuss, do not rub her nose in it or yell at her. Just clean it up with vinegar and bicarb and water, (No bleach cos that encourages more pee in the same spot).

    If you make a big fuss, she will learn peeing where you don't want is way to get your attention (reward) from you and do it more often. I don't think it's a spite thing. I don't think dogs understand spite or revenge or things like that - they are so right now, in the moment creatures. That's why your praise or corrections also have to be right now not several hours later.

    If she still doesn't get the message you may need to crate train her (google is your friend), or use the umbilical cord system, ie when she's in the house she's on lead attached to you. And praise her heaps and maybe give treats when she goes outside where you want her to.

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