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Thread: When It All Goes Wrong.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalacreek View Post
    I am glad they have had such a good outcome.

    The whole thing sounded incredibly stressful and I know when I moved onto my farm it was one of my nightmares about my dogs.

    You have to be so aware and have everything under lock and key when there are livestock around. They are an incredible magnet for certain types of dogs and I have 6 dogs to manage, my own sheep flock and my neigbours 10,000 sheep to be aware of. So it is doable.
    Yes it is doable....I live in the middle of our own stock and the large farming Community we are part of. We have four dogs.....
    I must say though that most of the farmers here locally have an instant dislike to GSD's, labradors and malamutes. Of which we seem to have a lot of in our nearby village. People seem to let them roam and and they are untrained. Which is sad, because if they go anywhere near some of the farms they will be shot.
    Hence i would never own a GSD, even though both hubby and I love them and my Dad bred and trained them. Just in case it was mistaken, even on our own property for a Village dog.

    I am glad you had a good outcome for your dogs. And that they went to someone who is familiar with GSD's.
    Pets are forever

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    So glad you found a good home for your dogs. And hope you find a dog that suits your needs.

    May I suggest and Aussie Terrier. Too small to damage a sheep, and quite a fierce guard dog. A lot of thieves are more frightened of the small dogs than the big ones.

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    Kerriek, I'm glad, coming in after all this, that your doglets are secured now of having a future.

    I do think that your heart was in the right place in accepting that your dogs needed to be rehomed rather than declared or pts, however, I cannot fathom some of your other actions. I'm not going to go troppo on you, you have enough guilt of your own to deal with, without my 2 cents.

    FWIW, I never, ever, ever walk Rosie "to the shops" or anyplace else that requires she be unattended. Sorry, there are too many freaky people out there who get their jollies by doing nasty things like tormenting, poisening and stealing dogs. Yes, these days it's rare, but I'm not ever going to risk Rosie being hurt or worse.

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