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Thread: JRT/Maltese Cross

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    He's so cute and looks like he has a very fun filled life!

    Adorable little scruffer

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    Thanks Luvmypei. He is exactly what we wanted in a pet; affectionate, intelligent, trainable and he makes us laugh. I think we actually get more out of him than he does out of us, but we take him everywhere we can in the hope he'll have the happiest life possible. He deserves it.


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    I stated in a previous post some time ago that Marley was getting a little "amorous"! Well, after consulting the vet and taking on board that he needed to grow a bit more and lose his "baby" teeth, we delayed the inevitable for a while.

    Well crunch time came and the poor little bugga is now feeling a little lighter...

    Got to say, he looks ridiculous in his Elizabethan collar! When he's not looking so sorry for himself I'll post a pic.


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    Here's our slightly lighter and not very happy chappy...


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    Oh he isn't thrilled is he

    He's very cute.

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    So, despite being a few grams lighter than previously Marley has recovered really well from the vet's knife attack! Here he is desperately wanting to play fetch with his favourite toy.

    He waits by the back door of the house (he probably hears my ute coming up the driveway) and always jumps up offering the toy for a few minutes fetching. Sometimes, maybe just for the variety, he changes the game to tug-of-war. Is this normal?


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