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Thread: JRT/Maltese Cross

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    Thanks for the kind words about Marley everyone. I'll try and give a weekly update with pics as he has very quickly established himself as a superstar in our family.


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    Well, we finished puppy classes and Marley got his "I've attended puppy school" certificate the same day he got his third vaccinations. So he's been to the off-leash dog park for more socialising.

    So far he's socialised with numberous other dogs, big, small, young and old. He loves playing with our 12 year old pom/corgi X. He has also been socialised with cats, horses, camels (they live on the property next to our horse agistment place) and has been acclimatised to all sorts of machinery including tractors, light aircraft, motorcycles and of course boats.

    Here's Marley with our abyssinian...

    Here's Marley getting used to the prospect of going for a fly! (No, we haven't got him airborne yet as we don't have any "Mutt Muffs".)

    We've also noticed he's starting to become a bit, umm, shall we say, "amorous". Off to the vet again soon!

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    Sounds like you're doing wonderfully with him! Keep up the great work!
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    I'm loving your updates and pics

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    Well, here's another update.

    It was another beautiful weekend in Brisvegas, so we got the boat out and took Capt'n Marley to the beach.

    Come on, hurry up!

    I'm bored with playing fetch... where can I hide this thing?

    Yep, this looks like the perfect spot. Dig this diggin' game!

    Now cover it up, and my slave will never find it!

    Rats! He found it, but he's not having it... now where's my boat?

    Yep, Cap'n Marley is growing still and is almost six months old. He has turned into a real character and will literally play for hours. The water's a bit cold at the moment, so he's reluctant to get too wet, we let him splash about in the shallows and he loves the soft sands of the Moreton Bay islands.

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    Great pics. He really looks like he is going to have a funfilled life being able to play on the sand and swim with you!
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    Thanks Anne. You may be right, however, the fun days out are to compensate for the many hours he endures without our company... wait, maybe it's the other way 'round!


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    Here's a pic of his head... he's still got some puppy features, but I think he's maturing into a good-looking little guy.


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    What a handsome boy! Looks like he really enjoys the beach.

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    Default Another Marley update

    Yesterday the weather was perfect for an outing to Marley's favourite place... the beach.

    Here's Marley looking cute and playful waiting to run ashore.

    Once there he was delighted to find lots of new friends to play with.

    A quick sniff and his reward? A nip on the nose. Pups don't like blue soldier crabs and blue soldier crabs don't like pups!

    Watching this lot do their standard "leg it into the water and bore into the sand" disappearing trick was a delight. Marley could not figure out where they'd gone.

    Anyway, we all had a great day out and as you can see, Marley is still growing and learning. He really is a happy little guy.

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