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Thread: Could It Be Separation Anxiety?

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    Ok, so ive got a question for you guys.
    I have a 2 year old Kelpie x Cattle dog, and ive gone back to working night shift 4 nights a week. I live at home with my family. I have never done night shift with a dog before. Normally if I go stay at my fiance's place or go to work i leave her in my room (as he cant have dogs where he is at the moment) and she just is happy and content to sleep on her bed.. she does her usual toileting routine before i leave and before she goes to sleep. However, since ive started night work, usually 3 out of the 4 nights she starts scratching at the door and sometimes barking which then wakes my family up. She is not crate trained but very well house trained and leaving her in my room alone was never a problem before. I do all the usual things before I leave such as give her excercise, and try not to feed her too early for example at 5 pm. I dont want this to become a habbit and I feel that it may be an attention thing. What are your opinions? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well.

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    i think you've messed with her routine and now she's confused and maybe a bit anxious

    If your family go to her if she barks, she will bark more - not less. However going to her armed with a water pistol might help, but if they can stand it, would be better if they ignore it. I don't know if 5pm is too early, but the way things work for my dog, if I feed her at 6:30pm and let her out for toilet around 10:30pm its all good. But if I don't let her out, she wakes me up in the middle of the night eg 2am.

    Maybe someone in your family could let her out for toilet before they go to bed?

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    hi hyacinth,
    thanks for replying. i had a feeling that what u said could have been the case. that's basically what i have told my family, to ignore her and if she does start to go to her with a water pistol. i didn't want this to become a regular habit for her. if i start at 11 pm at night, usually her final toilet stop is about 1030 pm. if i work at 9 pm, i normally leave her out in the yard and try not to pay too much attention to her when im leaving so that she dosent get anxious. then i get my parents to bring her in when they are going to bed. i do think though that i need to go back to a feeding time of about 630 pm because i thought that feeding her later could have helped settle her, but i understand now that she is feeling completely messed up by our new routine, and that i should probably go back to a normal feeding routine as well. thanks so much for confirming what i thought!

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