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Thread: Doggy Valium

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    I must have spoken too soon, he's a complete nightmare today. I do have a stranger in my home doing some work & the dog is totally losing it. Iv had to lock him up outside because there's no controlling him. Even my trainer is recommending I see the vet & discuss meds to calm him.

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    Update- training is paying off, I think we got past the stubborn stage & I'm finally seeing a difference. We have made changes around the house in regards to what we let him get away with, we have crate trained him for sleep time, we have started obedience training again & also take him to the dog park more often so he can interact with other people & dogs. He'll never be a docile dog, he's far too switched on. Nothing gets passed him. I wanted him to be one of those dogs that anyone could approach but I don't think that will ever happen. There's just certain people he just dosnt like. So, overall he's come a long way, I'm proud of him & hopefully we'll see more improvement. WITH NO DRUGS!!!

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    Believe it or not, valium can also cause the dog to become restless.

    I have an epileptic dog that is prone to cluster seizures. He is medicated daily with anti-convulsants, but we also administer liquid diazepam (valium) rectally when he is clustering.
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    I sometimes have to put my dog in the car or lock her up when I have tradies around or she just barks her head off at them and we can't have a conversation. If the tradie is willing to let me coach him (or her) and I can work at a distance, I can work my dog into behaving nicely but - do I really want her to be friends with a tradie I don't know well? Or would I rather that the tradie knows he's safe when I'm home and she's "locked away", and only then.

    Note - she has never shown the inclination to bite, only bark. But most people do find it scary.

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