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Thread: Learning Animal Communication, Any Takers?

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    Ok here we go, thankyou for doing this TahsSunny!

    Verified questions:

    What state did he come from?
    At first I heard nothing at all but then I heard Californa. I did keep asking this question over and over again and got nothing so I do not believe this is right.
    Umm... Victoria lol

    Where is his favourite place to sleep?
    I kept seeing images of him on some sort of big pillow/cushion. He seemed to really like this spot.
    Yup spot on, he sleeps on a big cushion on the floor or on our bed... he loves his comforts.

    Questions you'd like to know:

    What is your favourite treat?

    Does he eat chips at all? because I heard Cyrus say 'Chips' and he seemed to rather like crunchy things.
    Haha, he really likes salt and vinegar chips! And he loves crunchy dog biscuits, he chews them so quickly... crunch crunch crunch and they are gone.

    I know you don't like other dogs but will you be upset with me if we get a new puppy?
    'Yes and no, I don't know how I am going to feel with a another dog around, having to share my space, my toys, my humans and my attention and I want to be the boss, other pup might not like that' was his exact words and then he had more to say.. 'It might be ok if I get a lot of attention still and this pup knows to respect me, I could learn to like the pup if he doesn't get on my bad side'.

    [If you are going to get another pup, let me talk to Cyrus again, this will help him understand you getting a pup and at least he will know your getting one. I think if he knows that you will not stop giving him attention and so on he will be fine because this is his main concern]
    This sounds pretty accurate. He is a fairly independent little dog but if he has a toy or is getting a pet he isn't a fan of sharing.
    The other pup respecting him sounds right too, he doesn't like other dogs being pushy and likes it when they respect his boundaries and personal space.

    I asked why was Cyrus dog aggressive (not liking other dogs) and I heard from him he wasn't socialized enough. Is this true at all?.
    Partially right, he is more timid than aggressive, but the socialization part is right. He was socialized very well with people and places, but not enough with other dogs as a puppy.

    I heard Cyrus say he 'Grammy' and then I heard him say something about seeing her and he likes her. Do you think there is any truth to this at all?.
    That sounds like his "grandma" Josie. She is a very good family friend and he adores her.

    'I want more free space' is what Cyrus said to me. Do you know why he might have said this?.
    He loves doing zoomies around the yard, but our yard is only small... maybe I should take him to the park more often where he can run farther.

    I saw Cyrus around kids in a image I saw and I heard him say 'Children annoy me' and he was keeping his distance from these kids. Any truth to this?.
    Only thing I can think of here is my brother has tried to take him for a walk before and all he wanted to do was get back to me... maybe that annoyed him more than I thought.

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    She is completely ignoring the message about leaving food alone that she finds for herself at the park.

    It will take some time, I will continue to talk to Frosty to let her know she needs to stop, just wanted to let you know.
    tah. She is a dog. Food must be hard to resist and she does love foraging. I can forgive her digging up the mice tho it is also annoying, but eating random stuff - well I guess there is more work I can do there too.

    Crested Love - some of my friends have been known to refer to Victorians as "Mexicans". It made more sense when we were in Sydney. California is full of mexicans... Not sure a dog would make that link tho. She may have just meant "South"? Except now she's even further south than Victoria/Mexico.

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    Wow some of these answers seem pretty spot on (compared to what the owners have said)!

    Can't wait to get mine!!

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    I can't wait til you guys see a reading that's almost all correct, when that happens, I love it. I will post the reading I did for Villain and Flirtt when I get the chanced, sometime today.

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    Villains reading part 1; It was to big to post the whole thing at once.

    Quote Originally Posted by Villain & Flirtt
    Hi! Sorry took a while to respond... having dinner, settling pets in for the night, watching my fave telly show (Escape to the Country!).

    I thought I might respond to each of your points first, that way I might stay on track a bit :-)

    Where do you sleep at night? Is it indoors or outdoors?

    I heard Villain sleeps outside at night. I also saw a kennel, do you own a kennel by any chance?.

    In actual fact, Villain sleeps indoors...
    We do have a kennel set up, and both he and Flirtt have "houndhouse" kennels in there. That might be what you are picking up.
    I wondered at framing questions about time and day/night because I am not sure how dogs might actually perceive this.

    Things I'd like to know:

    * Are you happy in general?
    Villian nodded to this question and said 'Yes'. He said he wishes he could run with you more often. Do you run with him or let him run around somewhere in a big field?

    We do actually go to a big oval reasonably often to run and play. Funny, we did not go today as it is wet :-)
    I am very relieved and pleased to hear he is "happy" in general... that is a weight off my mind!

    * What are the best things in life?
    Villain said he enjoys being able to show himself off, he enjoys making you proud of him and loves to see how happy you get when he accomplishes something. He just loves getting out there and playing and working. ( Working could mean training of some sort, do you do any training with him?)

    We do train, somewhat infrequently... we used to go to obedience club weekly, but since he passed level 2 we have stopped because my trainer is still "developing" level 3.
    You can see how happy he is when he accomplishes somthing, he's delightful in showing how proud he can be!

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    Part 2;

    Quote Originally Posted by Villain & Flirtt
    Sorry, the computer said it was too long in one part, so here's part 2!!

    The worst ones?
    Villain hates spending time alone it seems, I was shown a image of him just standing by himself and he wasn't happy about being left alone with no one around.

    I keep getting the feeling Villain has gone through some sort of traumatic experience at one point in his life, is this true at all?. Even if it wasn't big to you, it was to him because he still holds fear inside him because of whatever happened.

    This answer does not suprise me at all. It would be very unusual for me to leave him alone if it were not necessary, but, due to working long hours, I bought Flirtt not only because I dearly wanted he rin our family, but to provide some companionship for Villain while I was away.

    If you were to speak with him again, I wonder if you would ask whether having Flirtt around makes the times I am away a bit easier/ less lonely or boring?

    I'm not aware of a major trauma. He was 6 months when he came to me, so perhaps before. That said, I could not say if something had happened that I either did not realise was traumatic or did not know about.

    I'd love for him to know that he is very safe, loved and wanted here in our family. I would do anything I possibly could to keep him safe.

    * What's the go with bicycles and scooters and motorised walkers?
    I saw Villain barking/lunging when you asked this question. Villain told me he feared these things, he's afraid that they will hurt him and by being noisy they wont come close to him.

    How do I get you to ignore them?
    Villain said he needs to know there's nothing to be afraid of, he thinks if you can expose him to these things more and show him there harmless, this could help him relax more.

    I've never been clear if he is fearful, or whether he is wanting to chase. He definitely barks and lunges! One the occasions he has had the opportunity, he has chased after bicycles, or lunged at trucks, bikes, scooters and motorised chairs.
    I try to expose him to them as often as possible, but when they are stationary he is fine, when they are moving is the issue.

    Again, if you do talk to him again, could you reassure him they are nothing to be afraid of, and again I would put myself in harm's way to protect him if it were needed.

    Message for Villain: You are a terrific dog!
    'Thank you, I am proud of myself' That was his exact words!.

    I am proud of him, too. He should be proud, he is a wonderful dog.


    Has Villain ever been hit?. He said 'hit' and shyed away.

    Do you do any fun sports with him for anything?. I keep feeling that he's doing something it's not coming through to what he does. You don't need to tell me what he does, maybe I'll talk to Villain again and he'll tell me then.

    I'm ashamed to say I bopped him once. I dont remember why, except that he had caused me hurt somehow and I sort of pushed/ hit with open palm. I'm exceedingly ashamed to think of it now and since have been very aware of being fair about accidents. Villain does not do things wrong or unruly on purpose. I'n not aware of anyone else ever hitting him since he's been with me.

    Yes, we have done a type of sport.
    I'd love to hear more from Villain about his thoughts as I was not sure if he enjoyed it or not...

    Also, does Villain enjoy getting dirty?. I saw him rolling in mud and I heard he'd love to do it again sometime.

    Lastly, Villaim seems to hold a lot of respect and love for you. He seems to want to try and do anything he can to please you.

    Last but not least, I can't wait to hear from you. If you have a behavior that you really want Villain to stop, feel free to ask me to talk with him about it because I've done this before with a few other dogs and they've stopped the bad behavior.

    Hmmm... I've always seen Villain as a boy who likes to be clean. He avoids poo on the ground, prefers not to go out in the rain and avoids puddles. Perhaps we'll have to find a mud puddle to suss it out!

    As for bad behaviours, to be honest, Villain does not do many bad behaviours. He sometimes chews things he shouldnt, and barks a bit loud, but in general he is just a really pleasing boy to be around. I hate leaving him to go to work, miss him while I am away, and am always pleased to get home to see him.
    That said, if he could trust me to keep him safe a bit more from bikes and things, and if he could give letting them just pass by without barking and lunging he might find thay are nothin to be afraid of. If you do speak to him again, I'd love for him to hear that message.

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    Flirtts reading;

    Quote Originally Posted by Villain & Flirtt
    Quote Originally Posted by TahsSunny
    I feel Flirtt is a pretty calm (sometimes) dog but she knows she she wants, she also seems confused at times and I get the feeling there are certain things that get to her, that she fears a bit. I heard her say she's had a few bad experiences in the past, any truth to this?.

    Verified Question:

    What toy do you like best?
    I heard Flirtt say something about a rubber type of toy though I am not sure if toys come in rubber. Also, I was shown a yellow rubber ducky, any idea why?.

    Jo: lol, yes she loves her Orbee ball. It is indeed made
    of a type of rubber.... No idea about the rubber ducky, though!!! Maybe she had one before. Guess I'll buy one and see what she thinks.

    What I'd like to know:

    * Do you like living with us?
    Yes, I do.

    * Best things you like?
    I was shown an image of her just running in a feild, she also likes the companionships, she likes feeling
    safe, secure and loved. She said that she loved the attention that she now gets. I heard from her 'I didn't
    get it before' What was her previous home like?.

    Jo: She had 2 homes before, a family who returned her to her breeder for being 'uncontrollable', and the
    breeder again. The breeder was very structured.
    And, yes, we go to a big field and she runs and runs and runs!!!

    Things you hate most?
    Um, I couldn't hear her slowly but I heard something about 'other dog' (No, she isn't talking about Villain, she's meaning a different dog). I had the feeling she might have a few little issues with certain dogs.

    Jo: She doesn't like small dogs. She also was dominated by a male at the breeder's

    She said she gets a bit jealous of Villain at times and doesn't like sharing the attention.

    Jo: LOL!

    * What can I do to make your dog run more fun?
    She asked 'Why do i have to be in there?'. She doesn't really see how much more fun a run can be to be honest. I feel she's rather annoyed about whatever this
    situation is with her run.

    Jo: She and Villain are only locked in the run (a grassy area with loads of 'mental stimulation' toys) when the builders are at my place and she needs to be safe. I'm fixing my back verandah for she and Vill when I am not home, maybe she will like that better?

    Message for Flirtt: You are very loved and wanted!
    'I know this, I love you to' was her exact words.

    Jo: Ahhhhhh... Great!

    I heard Flirtt isn't to not to fond of water, is that true at all?.
    Jo: Flirtty LOVES water, being wet, being muddy....

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    The part regarding the dogs liking and not liking water/mud. I think Flirtt came to me when i was talking to Villain and the same with Villain coming to me when I talked to Flirtt.

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    TahsSunny: thanks so much for posting that... I was trying to get some time at the computer; cutting and pasting on the iPhone is a nightmare! I've been flat knackered at work all weekend, so I had not got there yet.


    I've almost got my new questions framed right... They are coming!!

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    Your welcome! . I tried posting them myself from my Iphone earlier and it didn't work out, lol. Working on the weekend sucks! ><.

    Can't wait for the extra questions!.

    Also, I will be communicating again tomorrow.
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