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Thread: Learning Animal Communication, Any Takers?

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    Thankyou for taking the time to do it TahsSunny! Mine was very interesting.

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    A, I really liked your results!. I can't wait for you guys to see more soon. As I improve to, I'll hear small things about your dogs life and you'll see that as more proof as well.

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    I find it interesting, I can't wait to get mine

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    Tomorrow is Friday, got no plans and I finish work early. I'll communicate then. Sorry for such the long wait!. I hate week days..

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    Sounds very interesting!

    Name: Keeda
    Age: 4 (5 this year)
    Sex: Female
    Verified questions: Who is the other pet in the house? What does it mean when Chris (Liza's Boyfriend) says "I'll be right back!"? When was the last time you had a bath?

    Questions you'd like to know:
    Why don't don't you get along with a lot of other dogs?
    What do you think about Chris?
    What is your favorite place to go?
    Who is your favorite canine friend?
    Is there something that I can do to be a better owner/friend?

    And lasty, a pic, it doesnt need to be recent.

    Thanks in advance for doing this!

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    here is my second one

    Quote Originally Posted by TahsSunny
    Hey! Luke is such a cute boy!.

    Verified questions:

    favorite place to sleep
    I heard he likes sleeping on the bed. Does he stay in a crate at all?. I saw an image of a crate with him going to lay in it.

    Questions you'd like to know:

    What has happened in your past? Same question, are you happy now?
    I got from Luke that he's had two owners before you and one of them were actually a friendly family before he had to be passed onto some one who wasn't abusive but didn't really take proper care of Luke ether.

    Luke shows me that he is very happy but he feels like something is missing in his life, I cannot seem to figure out what this is yet so I will need to talk to him again. He also sas he wants loads more attention, lol.

    you like being with us?
    Yes, he does.

    Luke sas he loves his friends being around, I am guessing he might be talking about your other dogs?.

    I seem to be getting this one feeling a lot, maybe it isn't from Luke but it's from some one's dog, even it if isn't one of your, it's such a strong emotion. Do you own a dog that likes keeping to herself/himself because this dog likes other dogs but like's his/her space to herself to and lately this dog has been agitated with the other dogs being around so much.

    Does Luke like kids?. I see him running and playing with kids, two boys and maybe a girl, I think and he seems to be having a lot of fun.

    I feel a bit of sadness coming from Luke actually as well. I don't know if it's cause of the loss of Tobias or he's feeling how Annabelle feels, I am not sure. He did say he will feel better soon, he's just confused.

    Before I stopped talking to Luke, he gave me a big smile. He's a sweet dog.
    Luke would have been difficult to do as he is very shy and introverted. He has had two homes, three if you count the rescue. but the first home after he was a pup left him behind to go to a pound.The Pound suggested the owners contact the breeder and they returned him to the Breeder, maybe some kids did love him in that first family.
    Lukey does love kids, adores is more the fact and he loves playing with some of the kids at the Kennel Club.

    Lukey is probably the most liked dog by our other three, because he is the only boy and the girls have rather taken to their only boy in the family.

    Lukey is the only dog who does not go on the bed. We had a hard time getting him in the house let alone on the bed ....His history in his second home is showing as he is a rather handsome boy. So that would involve crating. But he was not happy being a show dog and they returned him to the Breeder also.
    Which makes us his third home and forever home. No matter how he turns out.

    Lukey did not know Tobias......If I was selfish I might hope the sadness was because I have not been home the last ten days, dog training ....maybe he is missing me. Though he loves hubby the most
    Pets are forever

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    Looking forward to hearing how things go with Zoe!

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    I'd love you to do a reading on Ollie:

    Are you happy
    Where do you like to sleep
    Where are you sleeping
    Do you miss us?
    Do you want to come back or are you ok where you are?

    And one for Miley too
    Are you happy LOL
    Who do you love the most
    Do you mind wearing coats?
    Do you want another dog to keep you company or do you prefer being the one and only?
    Do you miss Ollie?
    What is your favourite food?
    Do you have any pain I need to know about?

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    Sounds really interesting! Fancy talking to Snoopy for me?

    Name: Snoopy
    Age: 1 (2 this year)
    Sex: male
    Verified questions: Where do you sleep?
    Questions I'd like to know:
    Do you like playing with toys? What toys can I get you, that you would like?
    What food do you like, and would like me to give you? Do you like the food your getting now?
    What has happened in your past?
    Are you happy with how you live now? Is there anything we can do to make your life more enjoyable?
    Do you miss your playmate, Tiny? Would you like to visit her more?
    Do you mind wearing clothes?
    Is there a reason why your nose is a bit pink? Do you have any pain, anywhere?
    Why do you potty inside sometimes? Is there a better way that we can potty train you?

    Description of Snoopy:
    White, small, curly furred Bichon Frise

    Message to Snoopy:
    Please try to do your potty outside!!
    Just want to let you know, that everyone loves you and you are very special to us!

    Would be great if you could pass this on!
    (sorry for so many questions!)
    Thank you!
    Look forward to hearing what he replies
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    Don't be sorry, lol. Your allowed to ask as many questions as you'd like.

    I should be doing a reading tonight

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