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    We have a 6 month old red heeler, and he loves water!
    When we go for walks, we sometimes go to the river (shallow river). As soon as we let him off he is straight in, playing, barking and trying to eat it. Its quite funny and very cute

    As soon as he gets out of the water he does what most dogs do when their wet, and runs around and around in circles really fast.... its hilarious!!

    I have to say I love it about him, he is such a fun loving dog.
    Just thought I'd share

    Does anyone else have a dog who loves playing in water?
    Sit, drop & roll!!! So proud of my little man

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    Ziggy loves the water too, although she doesn't like to get too deep. When we get close to the beach she starts to whine with excitment!

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    Mine is the same, anklebiter.

    She loves the water. She has webbed feet. We go to the beach and as soon as she gets a bit warm, she jumps in and goes for a swim. And she will jump in and swim where there is fresh water too.

    And then do zoomies when she gets out and roll in whatever is there, dirt, grass, sand, dead things.

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