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Thread: Dexter Attacked Twice in One Week.

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    Poor Dexter!I was out with Dexter and Roxy with my husband when I heard a noise on the oval(a different one from before)and two dogs running around but I could not see the owners so instead of crossing the road and going towards the oval I just went left and stayed on the other side of the road.Too late these two staffys came charging across the road and one of them just went for Dexter.We shouted at him and he ran off.

    We just went home as quickly as possible and saw the owners of the dogs who said nothing.They live up the road from me and I go past their house every morning with the dogs.Now I am scared to go past incase they get out.

    I just wanted to get it off my chest as I am sitting here shaking but at least poor Dexter is ok and I hope it does not change him as he did not even growl back he is such a sweetie.

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    Please report it to your local council before somebody's dog or child gets mauled.

    The council should contact the owners, and make them do something about securing their dogs (and registering them if necessary).

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    im sorry your dog is having trouble, i had similar trouble with my border collie dog (now passed away ) we'd go for a walk in the local park on lead and other dogs from who knows where would come up and cause trouble ,even some with owners and there dog off lead.. another park that council has allowed is on lead but every one has there dog off lead?

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