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Thread: Puppy Farming...US Latetine ABC.

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    I just saw on Judge Judy a couple who bought an 18 month old Yorkie-poo from a 'breeder' (apparently she had already had 1 litter). The guy said he had 31 dogs and needed to get rid of some. He sold this dog to them somewhere on the street!!! Arrrggh!

    When they got her home they knew something wasn't quite right - all she did was sit in their lap, never moving. So they put an ad in the paper and sold the dog to a lady, who the day after acquiring the dog took her to the vet because she knew she wasn't acting like a normal dog. Lo and behold the vet confirmed she would have been from a puppy mill.

    And guess what - the couple paid $200 for her, and sold her for $400!!!!

    Needless to say the lady got her money back.

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    I empathise with you not being able to watch Loren

    As animal lovers and compassionate human beings we can only take so much before overload.

    Many BYB and commercial breeders off load their dogs and give the same story...they have only had one litter, when in reality they have almost been bred to death from a tiny age.

    They dont care at all about the dog or the family in front of them with their heart on their sleeve adopting a breeding female. All they see is further squeezed out potential $$$. And if you complain...just like pet shops, you are forced to return the dog to the place of purchase and know they will snuff out the life of an animal that is now part of your life

    Education of the masses is so desperately needed.

    Tell everyone, share your experiences and educate where ever possible.

    People don't know realisticly, there is no education out there. The pet industry does not want anyone to know! It is a dirty, nasty and inhumane hidden secret as there are massive profits associated. And boy i have seen the tactics and manipulation resorted to by the pet industry

    Sickening, mind blowing and a disgrace. No wonder they are hell bent on ensuring a parlimentary enquiry into the pet industry never see's the light of day!!! This is what animal welfare groups are trying to establish atm.

    Nic x

    "There is enough love and concern for animals in every community to overcome the irresposibility of the few"
    Nathan Winograd.

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