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Thread: Wanting to Breed Our Chiwawa HELP

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    No, you should not breed them. All is said, no need for me to brag about it too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tacopuppy View Post
    this is NOT A JOKE and i do not take it as one i am simply a lady with Kids and a husband trying to breed our dog i feel as though you guys are beinga bit ruff and to think it s a joke would just make me angry as i am being very serious on this i have pics of my dog if u dont beleive me
    Breeding is not something that should be taken lightly. You have to remember that there is already an overpopulation of dogs and thousands of healthy dogs are destroyed every year. Why would you want to add to the already high number of dogs that are put down? I don't think the other posters have been rough with you at all, they are being considerate towards dogs that are being dumped through no fault of their own. How can you be sure that you will have homes lined up when the puppies are born? and why are you so determined to breed? Another thing that I am curious about is that you are still mispelling the word "CHIHUAHUA" even after you have been corrected; it is one thing not to know how to spell correctly but it is quite another to keep on making the same mistake repeatedly!

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