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    Smile Pet Stayz

    HI ALL!!

    Quick question, has anyone ever gone to a 'Pet Stayz' ??

    I know there is one in Forster, but thats 6 hours away, and travelling with 3 dogs in the car for that long ...

    Anyone know of anywhere a bit closer to home? I live in the Blue Mountains if that helps! I have heard that there is one in Blackheath, but I think the website I was on was a bit dodgy.

    Thanks guys, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!
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    Hi Ally

    This is a great thread as dog friendly accomodation is so sought after!

    I rarely ever get a chance to have a break and most of the time my parents who are great animal lovers hold the fort here for me.

    I miss them all so much! even after just a few hours. My ideal break would be taking the dogs with me as i feel like my right arm is missing otherwise!

    Look forward to lots of recomendations


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