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Thread: Robot Dog - Vent!

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    Unhappy Robot Dog - Vent!

    I am SO sick of people telling me I'm trying to turn Roxie into a 'robot' because I'm taking her to obedience classes and because we tried agility this morning. I took her for a play on the equipment FFS!

    These people are also the ones who judge Jackson JUST because he is a staffy, when he is the gentlest dog I've ever had. I'm so sick of the opinions and the judgment. A friend actually said to me 'Oh a staffy attacked a person the other day.' Yeah, well it wasn't MY staffy. (For any of you who remember this is the same woman who wouldn't come over because we had Tyson, the bull mastiff x). She doesn't come to our house anymore, because she has a baby, and Jackson is a staffy.

    I'm getting off track. The point is, I don't want my dog to be one of those who attacks people and dogs and can't be trusted, so I take her to school and make an effort to have a polite and behaved dog. It just makes me so mad when I try so hard to curb this behaviour, it's already my fault in my household because I'm the one who 'picked' her from the shelter, and I'm told that I'm a nazi owner creating a little robot :'(

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    Gee... this person sounds like they have some major issues.

    I thought one of the points of having a dog was to have a mate that you can do & enjoy things with... what a great choice in Obedience & Agility! Well done IMO and if everyone made sure there dogs were socialised and had basic obedience training there would be a lot more happy dogs & owners around

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    What rot. I have seen some robotic dogs but the majority of good agility dogs are just your average dog & still makes mistakes. I'm not into how over top some get when they think their way is the only way & get so focused on their choosen dog sport but as a sport(not a way of life) I can see no problem with doing some basic agility with your dog.
    And for those that do live & breath 1 particular dogs sport I'm happy as long as it makes them happy & they don't try & force feed it to me, lol.
    I think you should be appluaded for doing something positive with your dog & time.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Just because a dog is well trained doesn't make it a 'robot', and agility is a great sport for any dog to enjoy. and what bull about it being a staffy. My Uncle has a Staffy that looks after little kids while the neighbour's Lab X growls at them.

    Then you have people who go the other way and expect an 10 old week Kelpie X puppy to be perfectly trained. Dispite the fact that the Puppy has already mastered sit, come and wait. She said and I quote 'it is a poorly trained dog and should be Put To Sleep, as it must have a mental disorder to be so hard to train' she wonders why I don't like talking to her.

    People who are that ignorant and have trouble seeing the sunshine due to the location of their head in a particular cavity, annoy me to tears grrr

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    Why do some people feel they can say what they like?It is very rude.

    I would also guess that maybe they wish their dog was well behaved like Jackson but can't be bothered to do something about it like you have.That's what is bothering them.

    I have a rescue staffy cross and I have never had a dog that checks on everyone when we come home to see who is there before coming to see us all individually.He really is a family dog.

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    How rude....But oh well I will be joining you in the Robot Dog Club LOL.....I love Obedience and agility. . Those people are just jealous, just because you can and they can't
    Pets are forever

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    I met a full on robot dog once and I was quite saddened.

    The dog was just constantly watching her owner waiting to be told what she could do next. Even when "released" she sat waiting for commands.

    Granted, she would be able to go anywhere but IMO the poor dog was over the top obediant, wouldnt even sniff or play with the other dogs.

    Sorry slightly off track. I do think it's rude. Trainign and agility I think are fantastic ideas (would love to myself but not with the two I have now). Theres such a thing as going over the top most definitely but most oeople dont fall in that category.

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    My robot dog blew me off for the agility part of dog class yesterday. Possum poo much more interesting.

    Do you have to talk to this person? She clearly winds you up. Although I do find the completely and obviously ignorant easier to tune out. Ie you can't take anything they say seriously because they are so uneducated about whatever it is they spout off about.

    If I'm feeling particularly mean, I start asking them questions. Like - what is a robot dog exactly? So you'd rather have a dog that is wild and toilets where it likes and ignores everything you say (like we all should)? So how do you know so much about "staffies". How do you know the newspaper report is accurate about what breed did what attack? How many staffies have you met? How many tried to bite you? What about the SWF (far more likely to bite).

    So I don't get the bit you write about "its your fault in your household". What's your fault? That some other badly trained staffy or vaguely similar looking dog bit someone? Or that some "friend" who is clearly judgmental and obnoxious won't come to visit? You say that like it's a bad thing.

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    well I wish that my dogs were 'robot' dogs-that will make all of us happy.

    IMO dogs that behave badly are confused, insecure, and unhappy dogs...their owners are..... I'd better not say any more.
    I love cooking but I love eating even more.

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    Nothing wrong with a robot dog!
    Education not Legislation

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