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Thread: What Are Your Dog's Favourite Indestructable Toys? Or Safe Destructable Ones?!

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    Question What Are Your Dog's Favourite Indestructable Toys? Or Safe Destructable Ones?!


    Our four month old has entered a new super-destructor stage. Five of her favourite toys have come a cropper this morning and we've had to confiscate them. Poor pup has nothing left! What does your dog like to pull at that doesn't come apart? Or what does come apart, but safely?

    Our pup especially loves soft toys but I can't see most of them lasting now that she's become so expert at surgery. She has also always adored her 'flapper' octopus - big, pink, with four very long arms and a squeaker in each foot. It's made from a tough synthetic hessian, but even that's on its way out now. She also loves cardboard but the mess is crazy so that's just an occasional treat.

    She's not very interested in hard rubber toys, unless they have a fabric covering that she can peel off! Same with the hard rope toys - not very interested. Bones are fine but only for outside. She needs inside toys....
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    I use super duper kongs but they don't work for the super destructive dogs but there is 1 called a sqirrel that stands up to any dog.
    I also tie heavy duty rope into tugs.3 litre milk bottles with rice is fun to chuck about also but if worried about chocking on or ingesting small bits of plastic always supervise. I also have a pair of old RM boots that have stood up to puppy play for many years, they are hardley reconizable these days but the dogs still chuck them about or sit down to have a chew. My dogs tend to play more with each other although a fave with all is when 1 takes off with a long bit of tied rope & they all chase trying to grab the end of the rope.
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    My dog loves his buster cube, he plays with it every few minutes.
    It drives him nuts, but it stimulates him and keeps him occupied.
    It can be filled with treats and it has a difficulty setting that I quickly had to set to "evil" as he worked out how to empty it in no time when it was set on an easy setting. He's playing with it now and it's almost like he's talking to it trying to convince it to drop a treat.

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    Hi Finley

    I highly recommend a bad cuz! My dog loves hers and it has gone the distance I tell ya! Nothing lasts long with Taya so for this to still be squeaking (albeit not quite the same as brand new lol) is amazing!

    Bad Cuz

    I also love the orbee ball. Although some of the continents have started lifting (then Taya pulls them off lol). This isn't a problem for me because Taya doesn't eat toys, but a puppy is a different story, so maybe when she's older? Buy the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff® Orbee Ball - Earth ball - Globe Ball - 5 out of 5 Chompers

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    My mums 10kg Miniature Poodle can tear apart ANY toy.

    The one that has lasted the longest was a huge solid rubber bone... but even that succumbed after just a few days. Bits still go flying through the air when dad mows the lawn.

    Tennis balls.... forget it, one chomp and they are split in half. I swear that dog was some sort of Mastiff or a Rotti in a previous life.

    I personally like Canvas toys. I make my own, just get some strong canvas, cut it into a shape, TRIPLE stitch it with strong thread and stuff. You can add a squeeker too if you like and if it gets torn apart... well it's not like it cost you a ton of money.

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