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    Crazy: envious much!

    I'm just sitting down to start my 'business plan' as I have had a compelling offer of land for my doggy centre. The trend is starting to take off!!!

    In your case... You might need some data about the dog population in your area, and maybe some canvassing to determine how many might use your facility. Maybe a canvass or survey of the local populations wants/needs??

    I'm off to have a look at Kepala Dog Resort... Think it'll help me with ideas gor mine, not quite as convenient for you guys.....

    This is exciting!
    I think it is & it really is a needed service.
    It is not 100% yet I have to make it productive on paper yet & find the right spot. But I have the backing if I manage the first 2 steps.
    Lets us know what you see at Kepala, please. I will share anything I find out also as I have a few feelers out & about atm.
    I don't think I can go the whole resort idea as much as you'll be able too as our clinint base is quite different really. But I want to slowly work that side of the business up I am hoping as we educate our clinents, lol.
    Mainly to start it will be quite basic but with the ability to grow as we see what our clinents want & are willing to pay for.
    Wouldn't it be great if in the next couple of years we are both busy with our new doggy centres. Fingers crossed all goes well for both of us as I truely believe this is a booming buisness idea worth getting a start in & to be able to educate & make money my dream. Not to mention getting to play with all the different doggies..............
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Yes I like the Seminar idea too.........We have done that a lot with horses. We have put on a lot of Horse Clinics in the past and now and I feel I would like to do the same for dogs.
    I am not into teaching people to groom, I have plenty to do of my own, but getting someone in to teach would be good. I am lucky, I am very involved with our Kennel Club and a lot of people ask for help. I love the one to one. Katy was Demo dog again for the Beginners class and i spend a lot of time with Students, It makes for contacts and people knowing you. my dogs are very friendly at the kennel Club, even with the nervous or aggressive dogs, so people tend to come and chat. Katy especially has a very calming effect on aggressive dogs, so i think that will give me a good base to work from. Hubby also spends a lot of time with the aggressive nervous type dogs and owners. So we get to know a lot of people who would be interested.
    Pity we are so far apart, we could put our heads together
    I am also in a Rural area near a large city, Albury/Wodonga.....Lots of dogs, very few trainers, except for Obedience at our kennel Club and the GSD club
    Pets are forever

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