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Thread: Dont Feel Comfortable with My Vet... Advice Please

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    No vet should find that funny I'd be looking elsewhere

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    I'd change Vets. I have done this with my dog due to a pushy vet who would almost force things I didn't go in for. As t was my first time at the vets with 'my dog' (before it had been the family dog with mum and dad) I didn't really know better.

    When she was due for her vaccinations they started mailing me and calling us and I ended up calling another Vet and booking her in.

    Since then they have been 'our' vet. Not once have they forced anything onto us and have always thoroughly explained everything. She recently had surgery and even called me to update me regularly as they knew that I was really worried about her.

    If you are unsure about the vet try another. You 'know' when you find the right one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bundybear View Post
    That's very similar to what I feed my pup and he's doing fine, the only difference is I add a bit of kelp powder.
    Veterinary colleges are partially funded by pet food companies and a lot of their dietary education comes from company reps so vets opinions can be biased, the vet may well be giving you what they feel is the best advice, but it doesn't mean it's the best.
    A lot vets have their pictures on bags of kibble or endorse products, when they do it can't be considered impartial advice. The same goes for the vet with a rack of kibble in the waiting room - their advice is filtered through commercial gain so it can't be considered impartial or unbiased.
    what does the kelp powder do?? do you think he needs the calcium powder??

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    thanks everyone!!

    another question, do i need to worm (allwormer and heartworm) once a month if feeding offal, instead of 3 monthly??

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    Kelp is rich in trace elements and prevents any deficiencies which can show up later in life. A lot of our foodchain is mineral deficient because of the overuse of chemical fertilisers so raw meat can be low in some minerals.
    That's just my take on it after studying human nutrition for several years, personal preference really some people disagree on the benefit of trace elements.
    From what I understand bone has a near ideal calcium/phosphorus ratio for an adult dog and cuts with more cartilage like necks and wings are higher in calcium which is better suited to a younger pup, but with a bit of variety in their diet they should get what they need.

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    Heartworm has nothing to do with offal, it is carried by mosquitoes. The heartworm I give is monthly but it depends on what you are using.

    If you are feeding offal you need to make sure that the wormer you give does all the tapeworms including Hydatid. You need to follow the instructions specific to the tape worms. Over here it is recommended monthly but I usually do it every 6 weeks, but then my dogs dont get offal although they have access to the occassional carcass when sheep have wandered into my paddocks from neighbouring properties and died

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    Quote Originally Posted by zedandme View Post
    ok thanks guys, im gonna go with my gut and see a different vet next time... i admit, im not great at standing up for myself in awkward situations

    his diet is pretty much this and this is what i also told her.
    chicken wings, necks, crushed up carcasses (as he is only a pup, but that will change to whole carcasses when he is bigger) raw meaty bones from beef, lamb, pork etc. mince with vegies, 1-2 raw eggs a week, 1 tin of sardines per week, and i have just introduced offal 1-2 times a week.
    In my opinion the diet stated in your post quoted above is far better than any commercial dog food on the market atm. The only things I would say is make sure the vegs are fibra high & maybe add a handfull of natural bran if he's at all constipated. My dogs like carrots & will play & chew with a carrot for the whole day & will add it raw & grated to their dinner a few times a week.
    I myself feed very close to what you are exsept most of my dogs have dry bits available 24/7. Some eat some don't & I find the growing larger breeds seem to do better if allowed to pick at the dry as well as their feeds. But I think it may be better if you can go without the dry bits, I just have trouble get it balanced right without any dry food. I have such a large range of ages, size & breeds not to mention the different rolls & activitity levels we have here that feeding can become a real juggling act so I find the dry bits allow those who need a little extra get it from the bits.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by zedandme View Post
    thanks everyone!!

    another question, do i need to worm (allwormer and heartworm) once a month if feeding offal, instead of 3 monthly??
    No but at a younger age I worm 6 weekly.
    Also on the feeding matter I forgot to add I also feed saltbush leaves & chia seeds. Kelp is a great extra & can get coats looking wonderful & is a good imunne booster too. Saltbush I have had great success with skin issues like staffy rash, QL itch in horses, grass senitivity rashes to name a few. Now I just feed it regularly & a couple of friends who's staffies I got onto it for skin rashes now feed it reg. 1 older bitch is now well into her first summer without any skin issues. They also feed her chia(as a genral super food & proven immunity booster)seeds & have kept her to a strict raw diet although with a very recent family tragity she is getting some dry bits now but fingers crossed she be OK.
    About the vet my saying is they should be working for you as you are paying them if you aren't happy get a vet who you are happy with. I like a vet to be straight to the point & honest with his opinon(not sqewed by advertising bonuses) but most of all willing to exsplain themselves & spend the time & consentrate on my animal not his ph, pager or other patents. I want to be able to trust my vet in the worst of situations & be honest enough to say I don't know when they clearly don't know.
    I say go find a vet you enjoy visiting & that makes it a happy time for you & the dog.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    thanks guys, yes i know heartworm is totally different, and he is on allwormer that includes hydatid tapeworm. the vet i saw today told me to worm him every month if im feeding offal because of risk of hydatid, instead of every 3 months, do you think i dont need to??

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    crazydog - my pup wont touch any kibble or other processed foods at all, ive tried.. but seeing through his breeder started him on raw, i thought id continue. i would feel a bit more comfortable if he did infact eat some dry (same reason as you), but he just wont touch it at all.

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