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Thread: What on Earth is a Mini Groodle?

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    Just thought I'd add I do not cross breed with the breed that a have a pure breeding programe with either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazydog View Post
    What do you mean I can not reg my pure litters because I breed some cross breed litters & am willing to back up any pure breds with DNA also.

    I totaly agree with you that the hybris higour myth of any 2 different breeds bred together will produce better quality health wise pups than a purebreed litter is total bull poo.
    Hybrid vigour as you say has been far blown out of proporation no doubt but it is a proven oucome of breeding unrelated bloodlines together but as I've said most pure breeds have enough diversity & depth of bloodlines to acheive the same outcome within their own breed.
    I wish more people understood the impact carriers can have on a breeding programe but many feel safe to use them with non carriers. I think there is still too much to learn to take these chanses unless it's a rare or endangoured breed for some reason.
    I may be confused... when you say registered do you mean with the ANKC?
    If so then breeding mixed breeds or breeding dogs just as pets is a big no-no.

    If you mean something different then I appologise for the following post, I'll just put it up here for others who might be ANKC members.

    ANKC Code of Ethics: Australian National Kennel Council

    I will just copy and paste a couple of examples, but basically, if you breed mixed breeds or breed purely for the pet market then you can have your membership revoked and can no longer register litters.

    11. A member shall breed primarily for the purpose of improving the quality and / or working ability of the breed in accordance with the breed standard, and not specifically for the pet or commercial market.

    15. A member shall not permit any of that member’s pure bred dogs to be mated to a dog of a different breed, to a cross bred dog, to an unregistered dog of the same breed, or to a dog not on the Main Register without the prior approval of the member’s Member Body.

    22. A member shall register all puppies bred (excluding those breeds listed in ANKC Regulation Part 6, Section 6.2 whose specific colours precludes them from being registered on any Register) by that member that are living at the date of registration. Such registration must include all puppies from the litter on the one litter registration application form and must be applied for within eighteen [18] months of the date of

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    Yes I know but I am not the only 1 to do it many do.
    But I do not breed for any market ever wether it be pure or cross breds & breed for me first & foremost. I do not advertise my poodle x's as I do not breed often enough to need to & have waiting lists when I do. The waiting list is always made up of family or friends who already have my dogs.
    I also know of several show breeders who have working dogs also.
    Why do you think that is their rules when we all know that their way is not the only way?
    I have problem with the black & white way of thinking they have yet have their own problems to address, this is why I don't reg all pure breeds anymore & keep alot of my own records these days. Luckily I am not a volume breeder of pure breeds not registering but there are plenty out their who are & only reg what they want to show. Sad but true alot of people are very sad about leaving showing & reg dogs behind but are unwilling to deal with the bodies that be.
    Not an attack on the club just how some people feel about it these days.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Oh & it might surprice you to know a big breeder was reported for breeding x's & no action was taken. They have books & books of rules it seems yet can not go & check on the basic housing of some of their biggest breeders. I know it takes time & man hours but really the things that do matter do not even get checked & policed.
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    If you can't follow the rules of the ANKC then don't register ANY of your dogs with the ANKC.

    I am shocked to be honest, especially after seeing the price of your unregistered TM's online

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    I thought you didn't advertise... here you are advertising your MOODLE (I thought you didn't use designer names) puppies for $500 each!!!!!!
    And you are selling Maltese for $300!

    Yes, I did just let that cat out of the bag, and boy was it p!ssed off


    And here are some ShihTzu x Maltese pups you are advertising for $350:

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    What TM's on line?
    I have only ever sold 3 TM pups & they where all unreg & sold for $1500 which is cheap when pappered dogs are selling at $3500 to $5000. I have only ever breed 1 litter & kept most for myself or in my family. All where sold with strict return to owner clauses also if ever needing rehomed.
    I don't reg at all myself anymore but I do if someone else wants it like my sister did. I don't as I see it as fraudulant that they wont police any of their rules so whats the point.
    If I was you I'd be asking questions of your choosen club & why they are willing to still take my money when I do brake the rules & do not hide it.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    These ones darling, you are charging $2,000 for them and they are unregistered


    $3,500 to $5,000 for a registered dog.... dream on. Maybe certain bloodlines that are sought after but not your unregistered mutts.
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    I meant return to breeder not owner in last post.
    Also you see I do not breed for profit EVER & only do it for myself & as my own exspensive hobby & if thats how I choose to spend my money so be it.
    You see money is at the route to most of these issues just like how they still deal with me.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Yep thats the 3 & I got $1500 each for them so what that is less than anyone else sell them for & considering I payed $3k for their dad over 8 yrs ago & $3.5k for mum not to mention the bitch I bought before her but choose not to breed from. So hardly a money making litter DARLING. If it was about money why have I only ever sold 3 TM's.
    They are unreg because they are not for showing or breeding so why reg?
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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