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Thread: What on Earth is a Mini Groodle?

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    No, I won't PM them, they have already been deleted for me sharing her real name, what makes you think I would send them to someone else for it to be used against me?

    As I said when they were deleted, it's not hard to use Google to find it yourself. CD's quotes are all over the place, they claimed many times in many threads the exact opposite of what they are advertising... I don't have the time or patience to go find them just for you.
    I told you what they contained and if you don't believe me that's your choice, others on this forum DID see them and know what the truth is now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoppaChop View Post
    Actually Crested , why not just stay on DOL.
    I am on DOL, I am free to join multiple sites if I wish?

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    Crazy dog is more the welcome to come and defend herself.

    Choppa there was proof, but as mentioned, I removed the links to her ads selling schnoodles or some type designer mutts, because they contained her full name and phone number and I was protecting her identity. It's up to CD to tell us all her real name.

    The only reason this has gotten out of control is because everyone OTHER than Crazy herself, are making assumptions. I just went by what I saw. As far as puppy farming, mistreatment of her animals or health testing goes, I have no idea. It's hard for me to believe the word of someone who was caught out lying. I'm certainly not going to pass judgment of her on things that I haven't seen with my own eyes.

    If people let the thread go, then it will all be put behind us and crazy dog could then return without the fear of having her bead bitten off.

    I will remind everyone, that if ANY member of the forum is abused, threatened, made to feel unwelcome or accused of anything without just cause, I will take immediate action.
    Crazy dog has a right to be a part of this forum without the fear of defamation and attack.

    This conversation STAYS IN THIS THREAD. If I see anyone making reference to this thread in other thread on these forums, they will be suspended. Crazy Dog can post on other threads if she wishes to avoid this topic.

    Crested and Choppa, you are both skating on thin ice.

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    Oh? So you dont care to show me the proof?
    A PM is called that just because thats exactly what is,PRIVATE.

    And of course you are entitled to as many forums as you wish.
    Unless of course you only want to continually harvest ill will and sprout things as bible. Right now I dont give a rats about the why.I simply asked for proof for all of this crap you started ( including the suicide thread which even I posted in and dont usually) and you wont/cant provide me with it.

    That says it all for me.

    Is anyone else perhaps able to provide the links/proof of this to me ?
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    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Well then Pugger,perhaps you can PM this so called proof to me?
    As if Crazy is going to come back now......I mean truley.

    And if you're going to suspend me Pugger please have the decency to warn me so I can place the quick Vale for Loppy.
    It was my only intention for coming here today but when you see MB fire up its usually with good cause. I have started a number of times to do it but cant seem to hit post...I hope you have that decency.

    Edit to ad,suspend for what though exactly? Which rule is it I'm breaking again?
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    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    I have sent you a PM Choppa.
    Last edited by puggerup; 03-20-2011 at 01:59 PM.

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    I haven't said I am suspending you choppa. Calm down and read my post properly.
    I said that IF anyone brings this topic out of this thread and into other thread at THIS forum, they will be suspended.

    I can't send you the links because I removed them and can't remember all of the details to find them for you again. the only person who can do that is crested.

    The skating on thin ice to you and Crested was about the way you are both squabbling and carrying on.

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    I appologise to pugger for wasting her time having to edit threads and to everyone else fpr having to read this dribble.

    I will NOT be sending the links to anyone else please do NOT ask me.

    I am done with this, you either believe me or you don't from now on, not my problem.

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    I thankyou publicly for sending me the link Crested.

    I wont though apologise for having to defend every tom **** and harry for having to read others views.

    Though Pugger ,yes, but still. You were the one that signed up for Mod remember. A forum is not going to9 be a hugging puddle forever.
    It is still the www,the ocean,which will always see the 'other' side of the hug coin and this to me was simply an axe to grind.

    I have said my peice and now take my leave just as "the ANNE thing" returns ( sorry Anne-couldnt resist lol )
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    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    TO be honest, I don't like liars BUT I can see why someone may lie in this situation.

    So someone breeds small fluffy mutts. And is mostly a responsible breeder. Then comes on a forum and sees the "viciousness" with which someone who breeds mutts is "attacked" (using quote marks because those arent really th words I am looking for, probably disdain is more acurate for the first) so they try and mak eout they are not the same.

    It wouldnt matter if they were responsible and did all the relevant checks on parents, the minute anyone says they breed cross breeds they are generally denigrated.

    My OH thinks british bulldogs are just the best thing since sliced bread. he cant wait to own one. However, he has said to me a number of times, he thinks they should have some out crossing done (not sure if right term) to make them less susceptible to the many issues they have due to how they have breen bred.

    Would this make anyone who did that a bad breeder? not IMO, it would most definitely be about bettering the breed I think because at the moment (as gorgeous as they are) they are not very sound as a general rule.

    So I really think its not about what is being bred, it is about responsibility and irrespnsibility.

    Without accidental litters/BYBers, I wouldnt have had any of my gorgeous dogs and life wouldnt have been quite the same without them (I grew up with purebreds).

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