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Thread: Can You Inbreed Pedigree Dogs??

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    Question Can You Inbreed Pedigree Dogs??

    i was originally going to purchase a pup through a lady who is an accredited breeder of SBT, who inbreeds... im no breeder myself so i cant say if its good or bad, but why does this sound wrong to me?? can someone please explain to me why on earth she would inbreed?? she mated one of her bitches back to her father... so the puppies she just had, their father would also be their grandfather yeah??
    im confussed...
    im so glad i didnt purchase from this lady.. i went to visit her house and her dogs twice, she has so many dogs and had 4 litters born within 8 days... think she had something like 32 newborn pups at once... not to mention her 20 + other dogs she has to look after.
    so glad i ended up finding a proper ethical breeder. just seems weird to me??

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    Short answer from me is, NO WAY would I buy a pup born under those circumstances..  14

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    I wouldn't touch it.

    There's a difference between line breeding and inbreeding.

    Line breeding can be confusing. Some dogs will always pass a certain trait on, while others don't.
    You could have 2 identical dogs with the same good points, yet one dog will pass on something like it's fantastic temperament, while the other one won't. But the one who passed on the good temperament may not pass on its good lay of shoulder, whereas the other one will.
    This is why sometimes even the best show dogs aren't always the best stud dogs... they have to be able to throw their good points to the pups even though they have them themselves.

    This is a little bit of trial and error and a lot of pedigree studying... if you look back over photos from pedigrees you can almost pinpoint exact dogs that started a line looking the way it does... you can see in each generation similar attributes that you can almost be positive will be passed on. THOSE are the dogs that breeders double up on on both sides of the pedigree.

    By doing mating so close together ie: father/daughter you are tempting fate for big problems when doubling up on grandparents would be much safer and more effective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    I wouldn't touch it.

    There's a difference between line breeding and inbreeding.

    Line breeding can be confusing.

    What's more confusing is that line breeding with other animals (rats, mice and reptiles and fish especially) often involves inbreeding and breeding back to the parents to get the desired trait. Cool, huh =D

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    thanks for the replies, very interesting indeed... it just sounded so wrong to me.. thats the reason i bailed and found another breeder to get my pup from, so glad i did!!
    so why is she allow to do this? all her pups come on main register

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    Because that is what some deem as a respondsable registered owner. If the cainine body did not think she was respondsable they would not let her be a reg breeder.
    This is my big prob with many reg breeders & what you discibed is not that uncomman.
    Linebreeding can be benificul in fixing a type or trait but imho it really should be avoided.
    Many reg breeders have at least 4 litters a year if not many more & I feel you really should be capped at 2 unless it's a rare breed or for reasons that would need to be stated to the board before getting a permitt to breed more than 2 litters per year. Thats all you need to breed to continue to improve upon your breed & any more is for another type of gain in my books.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    she is a well known breeder in QLD and many people buy her pups to breed from, including other breeders. she did mention that she mated her back to her father as he had one of the biggest heads she's ever seen... hmmmmm??
    and id say she would produce at least 10 litters a year, if not more.

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    Very sad but not unusual. I don't know how anyone can raise more than 2 at most litters at the same time as the pups need socializing & I like to start toiet training also. But many do & I actully had a friend go to pick up a rare large breed pup last year & found the breeder had all 3 litters crammed in a chook pen. To me this is no way to raise social puppies.
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    i agree. how does she get the title accredited breeder... this is only recent too

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    She pays a fee to QL dogs purebreed canine body & maybe dose an open book exam(they are VERY simple) & promise to stick to their rules of reg every pup she ever breeds either on their limited or main register. The more she breeds the more money they get.
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