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Thread: Can You Inbreed Pedigree Dogs??

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    her site looks and sounds all good (apart from the breeding blues thing) but its such a different story when you see her kennels with your own eyes and deal with her personally....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoppaChop View Post
    sorry just off topic for a tic - Crazy might know - wasn't it this lot in strife a bit back for the double lethals ? Or am I barking ( ) up the wrong tree.
    I think maybe but I need link to cheak please pm to so I can have a looky see, lol..........
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    on way
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Her site start huge bells alone for me.
    She likes paints, blues, & whites all colour that comes with issues & most annoying points are she charges more for a female & breeds blue to blue & white to near white or blue all not great.
    I think a dog she breed or her kennel has already had some issues that chop was talking about.
    Not 100% sure still trying to back look myself but that prefix was deffently involved somehow.
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    Not to mention the amount of dogs on first page of her staffy part.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    and unfortunately they are only a small number of dogs she has and breeds from... there are many more than that
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    what are paints??

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    Sorry Paints are the horses she breeds.
    I have a somewhat lg pack & it takes more than me & thats without pups so the numbers alone & then she runs a horse stud as well. I breed a few mares & thats a handful but she has heaps of pups, foals & alot are all high risk type of breedings.
    Dose her husband work fulltime at home because I have myself, hubby, mum & sister to fall back on anytime as we all work within the family bussiness fulltime. My father, brothers & other family also work full time within the family bussiness so we are lucky that way but to breed horse & dogs & have no staff you'd need at least you & hubby home fulltime & even then it would be like 24/7 never letting up.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    oh ok, i clearly have no idea about horses lol

    nope, pretty certain her husband works full time elsewhere

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    she only accepts cash too, she wont allow bank deposit or anything

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