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Thread: Can You Inbreed Pedigree Dogs??

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    hmmmmm doesnt sound like a great system to me...

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    Here is Tas it's as easy as filling out a form.
    Just being part of the ANKC doesn't always mean they a good breeders. While the ANKC does try to do the right thing and kick out those who are not ethical, they have to be told about them first. They simply don't have the man power to check every single litter and kennel and rely on other members and the public to help them weed out the bad eggs.

    My mum was saying something the other day about breeders needing special permission to do such closely related litters, I can't remember if that was just the QCCC or ANKC.
    However even with that there are loopholes.

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    Even when reported what they deem acceptable is not always what the majority of us would think was right.
    I hope what your mum said about close matings dose become the rules across the board Creasted.
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    Some of the peak dog breeder clubs are refusing to register the offspring of sibling matings or parent child matings. But they may still register grandparent-grandchild matings.

    Unfortunately it looks like ANKC is dragging the chain on this one.

    Australian National Kennel Council

    9. Relatedness of mating pairs
    The question of prohibiting first degree of inbreeding is presently under discussion. Secondary to the work done by Sydney University, on our behalf (as discussed in section 3), less than 5% of registrations have this degree of inbreeding. In many breeds this figure is far lower. Therefore prohibiting father daughter, mother son and full sibling matings is quite achievable. Both the Kennel Club UK and Swedish KC have already instigated this same move.

    The advice from Sydney University also supports this move to avoid issues such as inbreeding depression and increasing the percentage on inherited disease.

    The restriction of second degree matings at this time is not felt to be warranted unless there is scientific advice in specific breeds where disease incidence has been proven to show that this move is necessary. Outcrossing we feel should only be considered where there is definite and specific disease outcomes that are desired as discussed in section 4 above.

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    thanks for that link, interesting!

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    Was teetering on the fence on this one until you mentioned she'd done it for " the biggest head she'd ever seen" . Can I asj was she breeding/hoping on colour as well ?

    The only reason I'd stay on the fence is that line breeding can be very beneficial if done correctly and with great care,research,expereience and forethought. I have done it whilst breeding horses but the filly produced from such a tight mating was the out bred to same lines different strain. ie twice removed. I could of ended up with still a pretty ordinaray result but either way I was pretty confident I would end up with at least a 'healthy' result.

    As it stands , there are so many dodgy 'Registered' breeders out there its becoming a worry for new time puppy breeders who are trying to do the right thing and still being stung and sub standard dogs with multiple health/genetic/behavior issues being flushed through main stream gene pools.
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    yes, she breeds blues and blue/white pieds. isnt there a difference between inbreeding & line breeding though??

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    aaahhh....well that says it all for me.
    Breeding for colour alone plus add she's after the hippo look..... and she's registered. *sigh*

    Difference? Well some could argue I guess,but I agree there is no real difference except in the exacution of the process. Line breeding is usualy used to acheive a genetic 'trait' , be it look,type,colour , to preserve a certain 'line', whatever. The difference to me is that at the end of the day one should always be breeding for a sound animal first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazydog View Post
    Because that is what some deem as a respondsable registered owner. If the cainine body did not think she was respondsable they would not let her be a reg breeder.
    This is my big prob with many reg breeders & what you discibed is not that uncomman.
    Linebreeding can be benificul in fixing a type or trait but imho it really should be avoided.
    Many reg breeders have at least 4 litters a year if not many more & I feel you really should be capped at 2 unless it's a rare breed or for reasons that would need to be stated to the board before getting a permitt to breed more than 2 litters per year. Thats all you need to breed to continue to improve upon your breed & any more is for another type of gain in my books.
    Perhaps we could also apply rule this to backyard breeders and puppy farmers

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    Yep that would be wonderful Ellie but how do you police/regulate something like that? But its not illegal so how do we police it?

    My hope would of been that the "registered ' breeders out there perhaps set a good example
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